You Can Achieve Your Dreams: Never Give Up

The degree to which we want to achieve our dreams largely depends on the reasons behind those dreams. It is the “whys” of our dreams that serve as fuel for us to pursue reaching them no matter the number of obstacles and amount of frustration we encounter.

Deciding to improve our lives may be easy. But remaining committed to our decision and being consistent in taking the course of actions necessary to realize such objective is a challenge that people often encounter. Some succeed, some don’t.

What are you planting?

A tree grows longer than smaller plants. It also takes a long time before the person who planted it can see it bear fruits. While the tree is still young, it is vulnerable to animals and other organisms that hinder its growth. Hence, the farmer needs to devote attention to it to ensure that it will grow.

But as time passes by, the tree gradually needs lesser attention from the farmer. It becomes sturdy enough to draw needed nutrients from the soil. In due time, it will bear fruits.

Impatience is an obstacle to our dreams. We immediately want to see results. We want to do away with our problems quickly. And it does not help that we live in the internet age where we get almost anything in an instant from quick access to information to immediate business transactions. I can bet that people nowadays can no longer imagine waiting days or even months just to receive a letter from overseas.

We must come to realize that if we are thinking of big dreams, definitely, it will take a matter of time and a lot of conscious effort to make them happen. But, compared to a tree, the time will come when we will see results if only we exert a degree of consistency nourishing them. We must also be proactive in protecting them from elements that tend to diminish our desire to reach them – lack of self-discipline, laziness, unproductive habits, and other forms of distractions.

Sowing and reaping

There is a time for sowing and there is a time of reaping. We must be reminded though that these do not come together in the same season.

We may not be able to know when the time of harvest will come. But what we can be sure of is that we know when the season of sowing is. And that is now. Every waking hour is a chance for us to sow. Every moment is an opportunity to plant seeds of growth to improve our lives.

Consistency and persistence are important elements in sowing.

Many of us keep thinking of our old mistakes and ineffective ways. We often remind ourselves of past wrongdoings. The effect of such mentality though is that we become stunted. We must do away with condemning ourselves of our unpleasant past. Rather, we must gather the strength and courage to change ourselves and believe that we can. We can use the lessons of the past to keep us reminded of the goal we want to reach.

The results we see in our lives today are the seeds we planted in the past. We can change the results by changing the kind of seeds that we plant in our daily lives. We just have to bear in mind that the results do not define the person that we are. It is our way of thinking that will define the results.

Remind yourself “I can”

We must always have a daily dose of motivation to keep ourselves reminded of the goals we want to reach.

If we stop attending to our tree, our goal, weeds will surely grow around it stealing away nutrients it needs. It is true that times come when we get distracted. We may slow down for a while but must never stop pursuing our goals if we strongly believe that they can help improve our lives.

Whatever career path you want to take, remind yourself that this is your business. Nobody else will do it for you. People can only support you but if you do not actively pursue it, nothing will happen. Success and excuse do not come together.

More importantly, believe that you can. Keep habits that remind you of your objectives. Read books that will empower you to believe that nothing is impossible if only you keep up the faith.

As the old proverb says, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Believe that you can get to where you want to be. Have faith that while there may be obstacles, you will find a way through or around them. Believe in yourself. Never give up.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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