What Is It that Makes Your Heart Sing?

What is the first thing in the morning that you think about doing all day?

If you can do away with everything else, what is that one thing that you can surely do with all your heart even without getting paid?

All of us will certainly find something pleasurable to do in our lives, one that makes our hearts sing. That is one thing that we can do for the rest of our lives with so much passion.

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Embrace your blessedness

I was reading a Facebook post this morning about a story of a person who believes that God does not want him to be rich and that is why his life is in disarray.

Our lives will be in disarray if we keep on focusing on the things that we lack. If your attention is on the things that you do not have, then more of that thought will occupy your mind. And you would always find yourself in a state of lack. Worse, you will lose sight of things that you already have.

Consider this: a billionaire in his death bed would trade all of his fortunes just to get back his health and vigor. If you still find yourself young and healthy, are you not more fortunate than someone who is bargaining for his dear life?

Stop focusing on things that you do not have. Rather, put your attention on the gifts that you already have: your health, your talents, your family and friends, and your very own life.

With everything that comes to our life, we must find a reason to be thankful. Develop a habit of gratefulness and you will always find something to be thankful for. Embrace your blessedness. Nobody else is blessed as you are. You are unique. You are gifted. You are loved.

Let your song be heard

Look deep into yourself and find what it is that you can share with the world. Find the one thing that makes your heart sing and let the world know your song.

I have recently been listening to best-selling author and Harvard instructor Carmine Gallo. He is a journalist and a transformative communication expert. He says that everything has a story. Everybody has an inspiring story to share. We just have to learn how to effectively communicate it.

What difference can your passion and skills do to change the world? What change can you offer? And how will that uplift the lives of the people who will have come to know about it.

We must be able to communicate the essence of what we do in order for people to start appreciating what we do.

The Scriptures say that we do not light a lamp only to put it under a table. But we put it instead on the table so that everyone around it gets enlightened

Communicate your thoughts and be able to touch people’s hearts with the story that you have to offer.

It is not only being able to find what it is that makes our hearts sing that matters. But more importantly, we should allow our hearts to sing. Sing your life song and let that song start changing people’s lives.

Commit to your dreams

Let the things that make your heart sing lead you to the kind of life that you would like to have.

Keep on enriching your skills and reach toward your goal. Set aside things that distract you and steal your attention from your dreams.

Discover your life purpose. Keep on remembering the goals that you have set for yourself.

Your commitment is not only to yourself. It is a commitment that you will do for the people who are dear to you. So commit to your dreams as not only will they change your life but also the people who matter to you most.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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