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Venture into Something New: The Blame Game Should Be Over

First of all, Happy Easter!

Even with about 639 million doses of vaccines rolled-out globally as of this writing against the fight for Covid-19, the fight seems far from over with the emergence of new variants and resurgence of cases in many parts of the world.

With countries imposing travel restrictions to contain the of spread the disease, the pandemic had already accelerated job loss affecting an equivalent of 255 million jobs in 2020 alone. While Morgan Stanley projects a global recovery of about 6.4% for the global gross domestic product (GDP), some economists project that a quarter of a billion people around the world are about to lose their jobs this year. The fact that the resurgence of cases in many countries forces governments to impose new lockdowns, we can only expect economies to suffer further.

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At the rate things are going, governments have gone from lockdowns to reopening to lockdowns. And much as we can pin blames on governments for their alleged ineptitude and vaccine suppliers for allegedly being greedy, at the end of the day, the responsibility on how we can get through this pandemic would still ultimately rely upon ourselves.

If we focus on blaming others for our plight, it may only help reduce stress by finding an easy scape goat for our distress. However, it does not solve any problem. Therefore, rather than putting attention on who to blame, we should take up the cudgels for ourselves and prepare.

Do you still have a job but are worried that the possibility of you being laid-off may come upon you sooner or later? If you are someone approaching his late thirties or are in his early forties, losing a job would surely hit you hard considering that, yearly, new graduates join the competition in the job market. There are kinds of work that require people to be physically strong enough and if your work falls under those categories, age is not on your side.

There are things that you can do:

  1. Learn something new
  2. Establish a business of your own

Learn something new

Start investing in your mind. Most of us are forced to work at home. This provides us time that we can invest in our education since the time spent daily commuting from home to office has been eliminated temporarily.

Try to learn a new skill set or start honing your skills if you love what you are currently doing at work. With continued education, you increase being in-demand on the job market.

Also, with learning new things, you also increase the chances of being open to a career shift in the event that you get axed on your job and hiring in other companies for the same job you have is on freeze. Remember, most companies are barely ensuring that they do not layoff staff.

Further, having new skill sets will give you a higher fighting chance of being employed in high-demand jobs related to other industries once the pandemic is over and other economies begin to open full-blast. That will prove vital if the sector or industry you belong to now gets left behind.

We are already in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That automation is replacing repetitive jobs is now a fact of life and adds a threat to job security. While it may open opportunities for other industries to flourish, it may also bring an end to some industries.

Don’t be left behind. Learn a new skill now.

Establish a business of your own

Having an additional source of income is vital during these days.

Doing business these days has radically changed as compared to the last 20 years, especially with the emergence of the internet. There are countries that have troubles in terms of how they ensure ease of doing business. But if you are not interested in setting up a physical store due to time and financial constraints, not to mention the paperwork needed in securing government permits, it is advisable that you set up a digital business of your own.

Starting your own business may also require you to learn new skills for it to be more competitive in the long run. Nevertheless, any kind of investment in education is never a waste. Combine your interests with new skills with which you can build your business around so that the business more becomes a hobby and not an additional burden.

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It may take some time before your business gets traction. But it would be better to have something as a start now rather than be left behind once the pandemic gets over and starting a business on a later date proves to be tougher.

Having a business of your own adds possible income revenue streams which you can rebound to if ever you lose your job. You may even start focusing on it and leave your job if it starts getting traction and proves to be more viable.

The pandemic has disrupted millions of lives globally. Now more than ever, we should be more creative and active. We should be more willing to take calculated risks and start thinking out of the box. By doing that, we stand to be thankful for the long-term benefits.

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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