Tip the Scale: Keep on Feeding Your Mind with Goodness

The human heart is always a battlefield of good and evil.

I had a chance to listen to an audiobook of the Greatest Networker in the World by John Milton Fogg. In the book, the narrator speaks of a scale where his good and bad thoughts are on the opposite sides of the balance scale. As he began to imagine positive things about himself, the scale began to get heavier on the side of the good. It tipped and made the bad side look lighter.

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Take note that imagining is a proactive work of the mind. Instead of just allowing things to penetrate our thoughts, we allow our minds to work. It should be noted however that imagination can either work for or work against us. If our thoughts would not make us better, then we should be rigorous in putting them away.

My car radio

There is one particular thing that I did recently whenever I travel: turn off the car radio. I do this, especially during the morning. Why? It is because I want to make my mind work.

I have nothing against music. In fact, I love listening to songs and singing along. But there is one realization that came to me: I cannot filter the songs that I can listen to. I must be watchful of the information that I receive on a daily basis. When one listens to the FM radio, it’s the disc jockey who decides whether what he will play is a happy or a sad song. That’s even worse when you keep on listening to the AM band what with all the negative news that surrounds us.

I used to keep on listening to the news when I drive. Most of the time, I end up feeling heavy. I knew it had to stop.

And so instead of listening to the music, I sing while I am driving. I sing happy songs. I sing worship songs. I sing songs that will drive me closer to my Divine Creator. It makes my mind even more active especially that it makes me think well by making me remember some lyrics that I have forgotten.

With the car radio off, it also gives me time to imagine the things in my life that I would like to happen. I get the opportunity to stir up my thought process. And the most important of all, I get to pray aloud when I am alone in the car.

Keep the lights on

Turn off the lights and darkness immediately sets in. When we tend to relax our minds instead of being proactive in putting in good information, the negative thoughts begin to pour in: fear, anxiety, and even anger. We start losing focus on our goals.

If I am not singing or praying, I turn on my cellphone and listen to audiobooks that will educate me. Unlike the case of listening to the radio, I decide which information I want to receive.

Keeping the light on is an active process. Electricity is converted into light energy. Put away the input and you readily take away the output. If we want to keep ourselves enlightened, we must actively invest our time in materials and pieces of training that will help us become better. We must keep on looking for things that will motivate us in life. We must keep on reinforcing our positive thoughts.

At every turn, we must engage in activities that will help us get closer to our goals. Let us make it a habit to decide in favor of feeding our minds with things that are lofty and worthwhile.

The Lord’s Prayer

In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus teaches us to ask God our Father to “Give us this day our daily bread”. We are taught to ask on a daily basis so that we would reconnect with our Creator on a daily basis.

Prayer should be a daily habit. In the same manner, feeding our minds with good things should also be done on a daily basis.

In the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, he points out that success or failure is compounded based on the habits that we form on a daily basis. For any reasonable person, why should choose failure? And so, therefore, we should start putting away bad habits by replacing them with good. More importantly, Hardy points out that it is the small steps done in a consistent way that brings about massive success.

Keep pushing

We should keep on reaching our goals. If you believe that what you are planting, your goal, is akin to a huge tree, then it only merits the need to be patient. Huge fruitful trees do not grow in an instant. They take time to grow.

But if we keep our minds preoccupied with goodness, we drive ourselves even closer to our goals, our dreams.

Keep pushing.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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