There is a Time for Everything: Focus on Sowing

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Success does not come overnight. But it will surely come.

If there is one thing that I gradually realize in establishing businesses and writing e-books, it is the fact that such an undertaking will require a huge amount of patience. From time to time, I would check on my works and see if there had been any new development. There are times when there is hardly any. There will be times when thoughts of giving up and just going back to the old ways creep into my mind.

The importance of writing your goals

It is normal for us to be impatient at times, after all, we are human. Worse than impatience is the feeling of self-doubt that we cannot make it to our goal. And we might just end up extending the time frame with which we set the date of achieving our dream. And all that we have been doing is just a waste. We start worrying that the resources and time we have been putting up for our new undertaking may end up with just nothing.

It is during times of doubt that the power of repetition becomes important. I wrote four copies of my plans and objectives by the end of this year and posted each copy on various areas of the house where I always look. One is posted on our refrigerator; one is posted on the wall along the stairs; one is posted at the back of our bedroom door. Do you know where the last one is? I posted it on the wall above our kitchen sink. So every time that laziness or doubt tries their way into my mind, in most cases, I get up and approach the kitchen sink, and wash the dishes while reading aloud my objectives!

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Keep going on

One important realization I had as I started my way to establishing multiple income streams is this: when we start to settle down, it is during those times when doubt, idleness, and impatience start to creep in. And we must be proactive in countering them otherwise they will put us back to our old ways. And so it is vital, if we want to succeed, that we induce ourselves into a habit of learning and relearning every single day. Learning and relearning every day will help us tremendously in putting away things that we should unlearn.

I keep on seeking motivation. I read books. I watch seminars on the internet on a daily basis. I even read my posts. I keep myself reminded of the ideas that will help me propel forward.

Most important of all, we should learn and realize that there is a time for everything.

When doubt starts lingering in our minds, we should take the attitude of a farmer. During the season of planting, he understands that the seeds that he planted are not about to yield fruits yet. He understands that it will take time.

There is a time for planting. There is a time for harvesting. But what we should keep in mind is that those two seasons do not happen at exactly the same time. And so if we are going to sow seeds of growth, we must get ready to have our patience tested. In due time, they will bear fruits. Perhaps we do not know when the appointed time may be for our businesses but surely they will come.

Believe that the time of harvesting will come

We do not know yet when to harvest especially when we are just getting started. What we do know is the time of sowing: it is every waking hour when we have a chance to offer our skills and talents. It is the time when we can explore our creativity and think of ways how our creativity can benefit the world. It is the time when we can think of how to inspire other people so that they too may realize their potentials. So during the time of sowing, we should focus on growing our seeds. We must put all our focus and energy into the endeavors that we have started.

If you are in a bad financial situation today, realize that it is a mere product of the seeds you have sown yesterday. You are merely reaping what you sow. Now, if you have started changing your habits and started sowing seeds of service to other people through your businesses, you are sure to reap the benefits. Have faith that because you have changed the “cause”, you will also change the “effects”. Do not abandon your beginnings. Success is just waiting around the corner. The season of reaping will come.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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