The Life That You Want

Whenever I am planning to engage or to start a new business, my wife has this simple question: is that what you really want?

Oftentimes, my answer would be yes. But then I get to think, do I really want that? Of course, there are businesses that I want to start but lack the financial capacity to do so. And then there are those which, though I think maybe viable, are not aligned to my passions in life. It’s either I have little interest in them or I was just infatuated with their profitability based on what I saw on some other peoples’ accounts.

Have you ever read a message that is something to this effect: USE YOUR WEEKENDS TO BUILD A LIFE THAT YOU WANT AND NOT TO ESCAPE THE LIFE THAT YOU HAVE?

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Leisure and playtime are an essential part of human life. From time to time, we need to do something that would help relieve ourselves from the burden of our daily grind. But isn’t it a fact that after spending our weekends on leisure, many of us go to bed on Sunday nights saying, “Oh, it’s Monday again? How I wish the weekend was longer.” If this is often-most our sentiment, then probably there is something wrong about us which we are not acting about.

It used to be that I spend long hours on social media and online chess during weekends. An escape from my daily grind. But on hindsight, I get to realize, have those hours really been productive? Could it be that those hours would have been more productive if I allocated some time to reading a book?

I am writing this blog on a Monday morning and I am doing it with ease. Why? Because I am excited to do it. I am excited to write and to impart my thoughts.

We have often heard of the saying that you cannot do one thing over and over again and expect to see different results. But that is something that most of us have been doing most of the time.

Wouldn’t it be good to pause for a while and think of what options we have so somehow make a turnaround from our current situation? How long will I live a life that I am forced to live with when there is something I can do so I can live the kind of life that I want? Do I really lack that spare time to change my life situation?

If you wake up every morning telling yourself, “Am I going to do this again?”, you need to wake up.

I believe that the kind of life that every people wants is one where you are excited to wake up every morning just as a child is excited to wake up and see his friends so they can start playing again. I am writing this blog on a Monday morning and I am doing it with ease. Why? Because I am excited to do it. I am excited to write and to impart my thoughts. With this excitement comes to mind the fact that I also need to harness my skills, read books, and lessen the time I spend on those activities that are less fruitful.

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We need to rediscover our passions. We need to learn and relearn things that align with those passions. More importantly, we need to unlearn things that do not align with them. A yes to the kind of life that we want is a no to something that does not align with it. And if we start the path to building the kind of lives that we want, then life all the more becomes worth living.

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Be blessed and be a blessing.

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