That Special Gift Called Freedom: Use Wisely

The human person is made very differently from animals.

Daddy’s farm

My father owns 5,000 m2 of property and he tends animals – goats, pigs, ducks, turkeys, and native chickens. Every day, he would feed each kind of animal its own staple food. To the pigs he will give feeds, to the ducks and chickens he will give corn and broiler feed. The goats meanwhile can eat grass or leaves from trees.

I do not possess my father’s passion for caring for animals. But growing up, we have always had animals in our yard. And it has been a common sight for me to see my father feeding the animals.

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As much as possible, Daddy divides the food among the animals depending on the kind.

For the longest time, I haven’t heard a single animal complaining that they have been eating the same kind of food day in and day out. Neither was there a time when our goats protested that they want meat instead to experience something new.

When a pig gets sick, my father will tell me to buy medicine. And then I will ask him how he knew it. Daddy will say that it did not eat that morning. Usually, 4 PM is the last mealtime of the pigs as Daddy would normally retire the day taking care of his animals at around that time. So you would expect that from 4 PM up to 6 AM of the following day, the pigs are terribly hungry as they haven’t eaten anything for such a long period.

In fact, every morning, even as Daddy is just entering the hog farm, the pigs would be crying wild waiting for food to be dropped on their stable. A pig does not engage in a diet. It will eat as long as it can. And so in the morning, if it does not eat, you can be pretty sure that something is wrong with it.

That special creation called the human person

But that cannot be said of the human person. You can only be kept guessing of the true reason why somebody does not want to eat. Reasons can vary from being on a diet, loss of appetite due to mood swings, and so many more.

There is no single staple food for the human person. When I was in my elementary days, science books normally say that humans are omnivores. But you can see people who love vegetables and hardly eat meat. Then there are those who have a dislike for vegetables. Man can choose whatever food he likes. One’s favorite does not necessarily apply to another.

Equality too is not applicable to the human person. Because of freedom, man can choose to have more or to have less. As long as he has money to buy the food or whatever that he likes, man can choose to do so. Even the means to achieve whatever man desires, good or bad, rests upon him. But he should also bear the consequences.

Using freedom in a fruitful way

God’s greatest gift to man is his freedom. And this gift is something that we should use fruitfully.

Yesterday, I colleague of mine asked me if I was not getting stressed with all the loads of work that are coming our way due to client requests. I said no. And I advised her to listen to motivational audio while working to help relieve the stress. What now is my point? We can choose the good things over the bad things. So why not choose to think of the good things anyway?

Is there anything that worry can do to change other people’s moods toward us? Certainly, it would not increase client satisfaction.

Nobody has the ability to control what is going to happen to his life. At work, we cannot control the flow of client requests that come our way. But there is something we can do to respond. We can control ourselves. We can also choose to induce happiness in our lives. Watching motivational videos on a daily basis to keep our minds preoccupied with things that are good can really help.

Between faith and fear which are both in imagined, why not choose faith? Have faith that your dreams will come true. Have the faith that things will work out great.

We can either choose to get out of a life that we no longer like to move to a better one or be struck in whatever undesirable situation we are in. If you hate your job, start creating a life that can lead you out of your current situation.

Start dreaming. And choose to believe that you can achieve your dreams.

Let us use freedom to increase our self-worth. More importantly, let us use freedom to add value to the people around us. And having said that, let us also respect other people’s freedom.

Freedom is a special gift. It is ours for the taking. Only by using it wisely can we truly experience fulfillment.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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