Starting a Career: Cope-Up With Job Insecurity

Are you just starting out a career? A young professional who had just been accepted for a job in company?

Starting out a career and finding job opportunities can be really difficult for new graduates. Prior to the pandemic, according to Forbes, graduates in 2019 in the US had the highest unemployment rate in decades. You may consider yourself fortunate that you were able to land a job. But with pandemic making resurges in many parts of the world, how sure are you about your job security?

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The threat of unemployment

In the Philippines alone, the unemployment rate has surged to 8.7% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to 5.3% in the same quarter of 2020 due to the pandemic. That means that if you are a new guy in town, you are more likely competing not just with people of your age for jobs but also against people who may be older than you who have lost their jobs! Worse, if you are just starting in your career, you might end up starting from scratch swimming in an ocean looking for another job.

Two things: it’s either you are a young professional who loves his job or one who discovered that the job he landed on is something that he doesn’t really like. In both cases, the possibility of being laid-off from the job is not far away. Why? It is because companies would rather keep their more experienced staff when the going gets tough. If you are just starting out, how high do you think is your fighting chance?

 The point is this: you need to find another way of making sure that you become financially secure.

While you still have a job and the pandemic has not yet pushed your company to the point of laying you off, start investing in your mind all the more.

Start a business

My advice: start an online business. The internet does not sleep. You may get tired from work but your online business can work for you. It does even when you are really tired from the day’s work, or even when you are on vacation. You can engage in E-commerce and so many more. With billions of people engaging in the internet these days, vast opportunities await people who want to start a business online.

You can start an online business for free but first, you need to develop the tools to make it work. I myself was able to start an online business from scratch. But I had to continue learning new skills. Right now, I have access to thousands of training materials that can help me learn new things. Those pieces of training are duly-certified and I am indulging myself in more. Continuing your education is gold in the long run! I am currently incorporating the new things I have been learning with my passions in life. And by doing a combination of the two – new learning and passions in life – I have been able to start my business practically from scratch.

While you still have a job and the pandemic has not yet pushed your company to the point of laying you off, start investing in your mind all the more. Your salary may still be at the starting levels but make sure that you budget your resources – time and money – to support your continuing education.

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You have a lifetime ahead

For a young professional like you, access to limitless numbers of training will help you enhance your current career. It will also make you in demand in the future. Do not be afraid of starting something new. You are young and have a lifetime ahead of you. Just imagine the possibilities!

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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