Start Acting the Person You Want to Become

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. – Mark 11: 24

When I was a child, I used to act out my favorite cartoon heroes.

I grew up watching the show The Real Ghostbusters. I remember I would frequently act as if I wear an Exo Suit with that huge backpack. I would imagine zapping ghosts and then throwing out a ghost trap the way that the character Egan did. I was filled with images of how I would act if I were a member of the Ghostbusters team. And I was not alone: my classmates and I would play and act as Ghostbusters in school.

As we grow up and mature, our dreams eventually change. We retain some dreams from childhood but some eventually fade away. There is one activity though that somehow diminishes: imagination. Yes, as we mature and get distracted by the day-to-day activities of life, our capacity to imagine shrinks. The time we devote to thinking of how we would like ourselves to become begins preoccupied with our worries and fear.

Age doesn’t matter

I used to keep hearing “age does not matter” whenever people talk about May-December affairs. Many say that it does not matter whether there is a huge gap between two partners so long as they are in love.

I believe that this is also true with our dreams. Many of us cease dreaming and allow ourselves to be drifted by wherever life takes us. It is as if we are a dry leaf that has fallen onto a river and will be carried wherever the water takes it. We are afraid that we might end up being ridiculed for pursuing what we want. We feel awkward. We have a fixated idea that pursuing dreams is left for the young and that older ones should just be merely contented with what they have achieved so far.

At every stage in his life, a person has a desire for fulfillment. Everybody has this longing that he wants to satisfy. And in a number of times, the longing to achieve a dream is done by a person not only for himself but for the people around him. A father will pursue his dreams for his children. In a similar case, a child will reach for his goals to give back to his parents.

Do not let age be a hindrance to your goals. Reach for them and do not be afraid of failure.

Become the person you dream about

Be bold enough to become the person you would like to be no matter what stage in life you are right now.

I have dreams of pursuing a writing career and that is exactly what I have been doing. I have already published my own ebook and have created my own website where I can publish my posts. In fact, I have already edited my profiles on my social media accounts to declare that I am an author and writer. And it does not end there, I dream of writing for notable publications, magazines, and newspapers as a contributor. I want to add value to a wider audience through my writings.

I also dream of becoming a motivational speaker. For that reason, I give my hundred percent whenever I make business presentations. I study successful communicators. I study how they pitch their thoughts to a wide audience in order to capture their hearts and minds.

When we start acting to become the person we would like to be, we start giving our best. We start seeking ways on how to become the best version of who we are. Keep on imagining. Keep on dreaming.

Keep your focus

What is it that you would like to become? Do want to be a painter, an artist, or an entrepreneur? We all have in ourselves life songs that we would like to sing. Do not be afraid of developing your skills so that eventually you can find a platform with which to sing your life song.

Act like the person you would like to be. Doing so will make you start becoming one. A person who imagines himself to become a writer will start to write. One who imagines himself to be a singer will start to sing and develop his voice even more. One who wants to be a successful businessman starts finding the means to start his business venture. Keep imagining yourself as the person you intend to become and your mind will eventually find ways to make your dreams come true.

Bear in mind that you must keep your focus on your dreams. Weed out those activities that will not lead you to where you want to be. Perish unholy thoughts by proactively putting your attention on things that will help you achieve your goals. Believe that you will become successful and you will become successful.

Be excited about your best version

With persistence, you can become the best version of yourself.

More importantly, keep reminding yourself of the reason why you would like to pursue your dreams. The bigger the why, the greater the desire.

Be excited about yourself and the changes you want to achieve. Make it a daily habit to remind yourself of who you would like to be. Always keep the end in mind. Nobody else can take away your dreams but you. In the same manner, nobody can help you better in pursuing your dreams but you. Make every day a day of choosing the path to success or failure. Bear in mind that you alone can decide who you would like to become.

Become the person you would like to be and be the best version of it!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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