Riding an Elevator: A Lesson on Choosing Where to Go

Have you experienced how to ride in an elevator?

Press that button

I was riding down the office early this morning when I came to a realization: if you are going to ride alone in an elevator, you must press the button so that you may go to whatever floor level you like. Otherwise, there is the possibility that somebody else, from whatever floor, will press the elevator control from the outside. And you will end up on a floor that you really don’t like.

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So when riding an elevator, you must first be definite on where you want to go and express that desire by pressing the button that corresponds to the level of your choice.

The same is true with life. We must be the ones to decide for ourselves. Or else, somebody else will, the sad part of which is that you may end up with a kind of life that you do not like.

The power to decide

Great is the love of God for us that he has given humanity a gift not available to every other living creature: the power to decide.

Since the gift of making our own choices is already available to us, let us not hesitate to use it to chart our own destiny. And let us use that gift wisely. Do not let your happiness be dependent on what others dictate!

Choose to be happy when the world presses you to be sad. Walk away from a kind of life that makes you miserable. Shift your focus as you wish when negative events try to bring you down.

Start being accountable for your life to achieve the happiness that you so desire! Fear not the naysayers when they say that you lack the skills. Focus on your gifts and believe that you can decide to bring them out to the world to make it a better place to live in.

Life is too short so as not to decide for our own happiness.

Be the master of your destiny. And with God’s grace, you will have a joyful life journey.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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