Rekindling with an Old Flame

When I was in elementary, I loved to draw.

The earliest I can remember drawing in school was in Kinder. I remember drawing a caricature of the Japanese science fiction robot Bioman and my classmates would come close to me and watch how I drew.

When I was a child, I was known by classmates for my ability to draw figures that come to my mind. A former class adviser of mine even tapped me to be the class artist every time the season for distribution of class report cards arrive. Once I was also given recognition for joining a school drawing contest. There was even a time when I thought of making a comic series entitled Punisher Kid when I was in Grade 6.

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I loved my abilities and I also liked that the talent and skills I have for drawing opened up avenues for new friends especially as classmates watched me how I made figures from my mind straight to the drawing pad.

But for some reason during my teenage years, my attention gradually faded away from my love of drawing. The talent may still be there. But as time went by, without the ample focus on the craft, my skills were no longer developed to what could have been a higher plane in the field of drawing.

Drawing became a bonding time for me and my daughters! Talk about introducing my old love to my own children, the little human beings I love dearly more than anything!

I had drawing subjects when I was taking up engineering. But that kind of drawing is very much different from the artistic and creative kind of drawing.

As time went by, I was no longer known for my skills in drawing. And probably, something in me has resigned to the idea of putting that talent on the shelves of the past.

Little did I know that, later in life, my love for my old talent will find an opportunity to rekindle.

I have two daughters who are fond of watching animal videos on Youtube. At times, they would imitate animal sounds while playing. And very often, they would ask me to draw animals like elephants, horses, tigers, and cows. There are even times when they would grab me by the arm asking me to draw whatever animal their favorite animals.

Drawing became a bonding time for me and my daughters! Talk about introducing my old love to my own children, the little human beings I love dearly more than anything!

After I draw some figures, my daughters will take the paper and start coloring. There was even a time when my younger daughter would refuse to sleep until I have drawn her a tiger. A few minutes after I drew a tiger for her, she started coloring it orange and immediately fell asleep without us noticing.

My daughters, 5 and 3, are also fond of drawing and coloring.

Last night as I was writing an article for Digital Bloggers, I had a hard time looking for a featured image. I was trying to paste an image file but the preview just doesn’t seem right. Concerned that the final product might not be appropriate once I hit the publish button, I decided to draw a figure by hand instead, took a picture of it, and then uploaded that image into my article.

Viola! I realized that I could start drawing again and use those drawings whenever I see fit for my articles. Not only will I ensure the originality of my content, but it would also take away worries concerning copyright issues. I am blessed enough that my Mentors membership gives me the right to access free images. But pushing through with using original images would further make me harness my skills in a passion that I used to devote myself to during my childhood days.

Soon I may need to purchase materials to pursue again my old passion. I may also start learning new digital skills to enhance my drawings. I can even encourage my children to harness their drawing skills and feature them in my articles.

And with my decision to start a business, old and new hobbies begin to be incorporated together with added skills. It is like setting up an orchestra and I am the conductor. Slowly but surely, my digital journey is proving to be worth the while. It is a decision that I never look to regret.

Doing business has never been such fun!

And to be rekindled with old flames as you bring out your gifts to the world has never been more exciting!

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You too can start today. Rekindle your old passions and mix them with new things. The world is waiting for what you have to offer! You will never regret your journey!

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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