Why It’s Important to Prepare for the Blessings We Ask

I work as a quantity surveyor in an international firm. Part of my job is to prepare bills of quantities that are used so that bidders will have a common reference to put their prices per work item. It will depend on the kind of work that is subject to bidding, whether structural works, architectural works, mechanical, electrical works, and so on.

Mostly on architectural works, it is common to see phrases like this: ready to receive paint; ready to receive tiles, or; ready to receive the finish.

Almost every person in the construction industry understands this simple concept – that if you plan to put a finish on a particular surface, that surface must undergo a change in order to receive the finishing materials. If you are planning to paint a surface, you must first make that surface smooth. If you like to put on tiles, you must put some topping and adhesive to receive the tiles.

The bottom line is this: if you put finishing on a surface that is not ready to receive it, the most likely consequence is that the final material will just wear off easily. Worse, the appearance will not look good.

The same is true with our lives. If we are not ready to receive the blessing, it will just wear off.

Take the case of people who win instantly on a lottery. If their mindset is not groomed to handle such a huge amount, it will only be a matter of time until they lose their money. Soon they will get back to the financial net worth they have before they won.

The need for change

If we want to receive a blessing, we must train ourselves to receive that blessing. We must undergo a process of change.

If you are single and are looking for your Mr. or Ms. Right, be the right person first. Train yourself to be the right person. It matters that you become one of those being prayed for by millions out there to come into their lives. And when finally the right person comes, both of you will be in harmony with one another.

For parents, know that children’s minds are sponges. It is important that they see good examples in us. We cannot expect from them attitudes that we ourselves do not possess. Hence, we must always bear in mind that we must be role models in our homes.

Why is it important to put a deadline when we want to achieve something? It is because, as we reach for our goals, we make sacrifices along the way. As we set deadlines, we also set deadlines for us to become the right person.

Change is uncomfortable. It is uneasy. But change is very much necessary if want to improve our lives.

Being ready

We are taught to live and be thankful as if we have already received the things that we are hoping for. Doing this allows us to grow into the person that we should become when the blessings do come.

Our hearts and minds are vessels. We must be able to enlarge them. We must raise our level of thinking, and make our hearts more open, for us to receive the blessings that we desire. It is important to note that unholy thoughts should be removed so that our vessels have a greater capacity to receive.

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Let our goals be our finishing materials. We must be ready to make sacrifices. We must allow ourselves to be honed by life. Only then can we say, I am ready to receive.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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