Keep Pushing When You Reach the Point of No Return

One of the things that we can find amusing in our desire to change our life situations is that just when we are in the midst of changing ourselves, the grind even becomes tougher.

When problems come our way, even with the efforts we have been doing, we tend to doubt ourselves. We start thinking about whether the things we are doing are really effective. Doubts begin to linger in our minds as to the effectiveness of what we have been doing all along. And all of a sudden something in our minds tells us to just stop the crap that we’ve been doing.

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People easily give up when results do not appear instantly.

About a couple o weeks ago, one of my business colleagues posted his desire to end his business after nine months of having no sale. He said he was already in debt and continuing his business only kept him from acquiring more debt. It may be just one of the many sad stories that we will hear. It is either he engaged in a business he never really liked or he was doing things wrong. Regardless, one important characteristic that we must bear in desiring to change our life situation is persistence.

If you are a person in debt desiring to experience financial freedom, and then your creditors begin hunting you from left and right, it is easy to get disheartened. That is especially if you know that you have started creating multiple income streams but have yet to get traction.

But one thing we should bear in mind is that the results we currently see today are merely the fruits of the bad seeds we planted yesterday. It is important to realize that going back to the old way of life and engaging in the old ineffective habits we had will only prolong the current life results that we are experiencing.

When we set goals, it is important to put timelines. In most cases, along the journey toward the goal, problems beset us. But we must persist. If changing your paradigm today towards that of something good does not change your life today, how much will doing nothing give you?

If you start saying that nothing is happening, nothing will really happen.

Darkness automatically overtakes the absence of light. Desperation instantly takes over the lack of inspiration. Therefore we must keep moving!

When doubts begin to linger in our minds, we must go back to seek refuge from things that will give us inspiration. Feel your pains but do not dwell on them. We must stop focusing on the problems that we have and redirect our thoughts to the solutions that we have been doing to eradicate the problems we are currently experiencing!

Keep on reading books that make you a better person. Keep watching and listening to videos and audiobooks that inspire you! Maintain the good habits that you have started. Continue being grateful for all the things that you have, even the smallest ones. Gratefulness is a vital key to changing your paradigm. Continue working toward your goal.

Induce happiness in your mind by reading and watching people’s stories of success! Realize that if they can do it, you can too!

Keep reading the goal that you have written on a daily basis until you have reached it! DON’T STOP!

The good things you have been sowing today will have no choice but to give you the good fruits in due time. Keep up the faith.

Convince yourself that you have already reached the point of no return. You have already invested so much in your journey – time, money, and effort. More importantly, bear in mind that there are people who believe in you and support you no matter how problematic your situation may be. Do not put their faith to waste.

Remember why and for whom you started it all.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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