Be Bold: Proclaim Your Life Mission!

Today, I started launching a new Facebook page about my online store. It is a private-labeling mode of business where I get to design products personally and sell them online. More than the money, the goal of my store is for every person to declare his life mission and identify himself with the products that I sell.

It is important that we proclaim our life mission. It serves as our moral compass. It reminds us to pick up ourselves whenever we fall down from the challenges that come our way. It helps us identify what kind of gift we truly are.

Life Mission

Every human person has a life mission. And as he carries that mission in his heart, trying to find each day how he would be able to bring that mission into fulfillment, it adds meaning to his very life.

A father finds delight in being able to provide for his family. A mother’s heart discovers satisfaction when she knows she had taken care of her children well. A teacher finds fulfillment when she finds out that her class was able to grasp her teachings. A doctor finds happiness when he has been able to bring a cure to once an ailing person.

But then there are those who seem to wander this earth without purpose and mission. How many people around us find difficulty with their lives but do not seem to care about changing their life situations? How many people struggle to rise from their beds daily as the thought of being downtrodden has engulfed their minds? They walk aimlessly as if they are just waiting for the sun to set each day.

Discovering our life mission is one of the most important things in life that we should do. It gives us the will to carry on, especially when it is anchored on love towards other people. It gives us every reason to rise determined from our beds each morning in order to realize its fulfillment.

The Great Commission

Every mission starts from realizing our vocation, our calling. The Great Commission where Christ commanded his disciples to baptize all nations in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit comes from a direct mission order from the Lord himself. As we align ourselves to that mission, we identify the gifts that we have in order to contribute to the fulfillment of that mission. We start thinking of tasks, however small, that we can do that is directed to the overall accomplishment of the ultimate goal.

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A Christian teacher will impart good values to her students. Christian parents will raise their children in the holy fear of the Lord. Christian workers will not hesitate to bring Christ into the workplace. And above all, they will every effort to shut out every attempt to pollute their minds with things that are unholy.

Let us be bold enough to proclaim our life mission! Let us use every tool available to discover and harness our skills. Let us declare to the world our giftedness and how we would be able to contribute to make this world a better place, all aligned to the mission set before us by our Lord.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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