Order: A Basic Necessity that Precedes Growth

Since I started my digital journey, I have gradually opened up businesses and started writing e-books. Add to that is the fact that I am eyeing business opportunities sometime middle of the year to add to my income streams. I will be honest that there are times when I feel that I may have not given one of my businesses ample attention due to the number of business ideas and the new developments I want to incorporate here on Rod’s Life and Rod’s Online Store.

And so I thought that something may be lacking. I needed to address something about my business.

Over the weekend, I was watching Robert Proctor’s Born Rich seminar. I think that seminar happened in the late 1980s. One of the speakers, John Kanary, pointed out the importance of order and movement. He stressed out that order and movement are the very first laws of creation. If there are two vital words that struck me, they are those two words. I have kept on replaying that section of the program to internalize the value of order and movement for us to achieve growth.

I kept on pondering about the word order. I thought deeply about it. I knew that it is the one thing I need to get things rolling smoothly. Many people understand the word order but only a few take its importance by heart.

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God is a God of order

When God created the universe, he first installed order. After order came movement. Then, God blessed creation by saying “Be fertile and multiply” (Genesis 1:28). One big lesson that we can learn from all this is that if we want to experience growth, we should first put order. And when things have been placed in their right order, things can begin to move freely and the process of growth gradually begins.

Living an orderly life is a sign of self-respect.

A man who wants to drive a car with a manual transmission must realize that there are steps that he needs to follow so that the car will move. He needs to follow a sequence from turning the ignition to stepping on the clutch, setting the gear, gradually stepping on the accelerator, and then finally releasing the clutch also in a gradual manner. There is a right order for the car to move. Otherwise, it will get stalled.

If the driver follows the right order of manipulating the car, movement will follow. And from there, he will be able to reach his destination with the use of the car. And once he starts internalizing the order in which to operate the vehicle, he can use it to go anywhere he wants to be.

More importantly, we must note that the car itself needs order for its parts to move freely. If any of the parts or timing belts in the engines are out of order, the efficiency of the car decreases. Worse, the engine will not even start.

And so I realized that if I want my businesses to work, it is putting order that should be the first ingredient in my recipe for success.

Putting things in order

Today, I started to put things in order. I rose up from bed earlier than usual because I want to establish order. I made these commitments:

  1. After I finish my morning routines, I will read the daily gospel and a self-motivational book until 8 AM. If I want to be a gift to the world, I should first be able to receive something so that I would be able to give off something.
  2. From 8 AM to 5 PM, it will all be devoted to office work. As long as I am an employee, I should devote all my energies to work at the time frame that is allotted to it. I will not think of anything about business. I will shut down my personal laptop.
  3. I will not open any of my social media accounts during working hours.
  4. As I made a schedule of which business to attend to each day so that nothing gets missed, I will implement that schedule.
  5. I will sleep at 10 PM.

What I did realize is that by putting things in order, I became more efficient. I was able to respond to more tasks at work without worrying about my business. In turn, at the moment that I am writing this post, there is nothing in my subconscious mind that bothers me about work.

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Creating opportunity

Putting things in order allows us to maintain our focus. When our thoughts are preoccupied with so many things, the lack of focus dissipates our energy. And when our energy for something is reduced due to lack of focus, the probability of making a mistake increases. Our efficiency decreases.

Having order allows for repetition. Notice that when we knock on a neighbor’s door, we do it repeatedly and as rhythmically as possible.

Repetition allows us to form a habit. This time around, we will use order to knock on the door of opportunity. We will not wait for the opportunity to come. We will create the opportunity.

A sign of self-respect

Living an orderly life gives a man a sign of self-respect. If we want to be rich and act like a CEO, then it is important that we stick to our schedules. Notice that I cut off myself from social media for a specific time frame. Why? Because if I want people to respect my schedule, that respect should emanate from within. If there is a case of emergency, my loved ones have my phone number. Have you seen people just barging into the offices of CEOs? I doubt. If people want to communicate with rich people, they set schedules first. We should make space for a little flexibility. But we should be consistent in establishing order.

Faith comes with establishing order. It casts away our worries. I have established businesses on the internet. And I have always said that the internet does not sleep. With automation of the websites in place, I should put my faith in the systems that operate them. After all, I have calendared the times when I would attend to them already. I can focus and devote more time to creating more content at each appointed time. Having nothing to worry about my business, this thought made me move freely. With order and movement, growth is at hand.

Achieving a harmonious and successful life emanates from putting things into order. People who are truly successful put order first in their lives. Let us emulate the ways that they achieved success.

Let us start putting order into our lives. Let us develop it as a habit and we will be able to make wonders!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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