Never Worthless: Each One is Gifted

Are you a middle-aged guy in a low-paying job that you want to quit from but just can’t do so because it’s a pandemic and opportunities are scarce?

Do you find yourself wanting to give more but find it hard to do so because you yourself are wanting?

Have you ever had that feeling of being worthless for your failure to give your son or daughter a gift that you promised for his or her birthday? Or have you ever thought so low about yourself for failing to provide enough for your family?

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Bear this in mind: you have a value.

At the very heart of every person is the desire to give. A reasonable father would love to give and provide for his family no matter what. He will move heaven and earth just to ensure the security of his family’s future.

But here is the catch: you can never give what you yourself do not have.

If you do not improve your life situation, you will also be unable to help improve the situation of those who are dear to you. How will you be able to help when you yourself need help?

Vast opportunities are out there in order to for you to change your life situation. Be bold enough to turn your crisis into an opportunity!

You may be a penniless midlife guy but you are never worthless. You have gifts and God-given talents at your disposal.

Discover your gifts

What is that one thing that you will do even without receiving payment? Is it dancing? Is it acting, or singing? Do you have a hobby that you feel so passionate about? Do you love photography? Do you love to coach people? Do you love to write?

To tell you honestly, I am writing this post while cooking fish for our dinner. What do I mean to say? If you love what you are doing, you can always do it even with the distractions. You might even do so with relative ease. I write because I love to write. In fact, I have written so much already over the last decade in my social media account about various topics of interest.

If you want to improve your situation, maybe you can start by reflecting on yourself, your interests. You may be a penniless midlife guy but you are never worthless. You have gifts and God-given talents at your disposal.

Decide and make money from your passions

What then is lacking? Your decision to go for it.

Whatever is your talent and skills, there will always be people out there who may be looking for the skills and, more importantly, the solution that you have. Are you well-versed in terms of digital skills? There may be people out there looking for ways to improve their digital literacy skills. Are you fond of dancing? Somebody out there may be looking for new choreography. Or another exercise routine maybe.

Are you fond of singing? Someone out there might be looking for a fresh voice to soothe his senses after a tiring day. Are you a skillful photographer? There may be newbies out there who need to learn new skills in photography, skills that you alone are aware of because of your unique style. Or maybe you are a humble blogger and somebody out there needs your God-given wisdom.

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Each one of us can be somebody else’s problem solver. But we need to get in the open and reach out. It is true that the pandemic has been limiting peoples’ movements. Therefore it is imperative to use the internet to give you the ability to reach as many people as you can. Build your own website. Explore tools that are available. Expand your reach and never allow geography to limit your dreams.

So many people have already said this: if you love what you are doing and build your business around that passion, money will flow in naturally. Then maybe, that can be a good start for you. Just remember to keep your eyes focused on bringing solutions to other people and not just on the money itself.

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Friend, always remember this: you are never worthless. You are a gift.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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