I Survived: Overcoming the Ordeal that was COVID-19

Whenever we hear news of people getting victimized by COVID-19, things only begin to make sense when we realize that the dreaded disease starts to come closer to home: when we hear friends and colleagues getting sick. Such developments all the more make us come to our senses that this is no longer just news reports or any sort of media invention.

One way or another, we have all been affected by the pandemic.

For those who have not yet gotten sick, the obvious repercussions can be seen in the economy. But for those that are afflicted with the disease and the people treating them, the monster lies right before their very eyes.

Testing positive

It all began with a cold accompanied by a headache, which was quite unusual. After a few days, I began to experience fever for about three consecutive nights.

My fever was gone during the daytime, but as nighttime approaches, that is the time when I begin to feel exhausted and cold.

This was the first time after so many years that I experienced flu-like symptoms and so I had to inform concerned parties such as people at work about my condition. At the time, I still had no idea what truly hit me. At the back of my mind, I was hoping that it was just regular flu. After all, I was vaccinated.

After three nights of fever, I consulted a physician to which I received instruction to undergo a COVID-19 test. It was difficult to book a schedule in the hospitals covered by my medical insurance as most of them are already filled to capacity. It was good that I was able to undergo testing at the Philippine Red Cross, which confirmed that I indeed contracted COVID-19.

I can say that I may have already been over the hill when I learned that I was positive. The day after I consulted a physician, my fever ceased from occurring. Cough and colds were the only remaining symptoms I had to deal with. The medications prescribed by the doctor are truly working.

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God is at work

Having tested positive, I had to immediately isolate myself. I am blessed to live in a property that is large enough and has a stand-alone structure where I can stay temporarily until I have fully recovered. I cannot imagine myself spending time in a government quarantine facility.

My wife had to immediately book a test for her and our children. My sister, who arrived in the country, also had our parents tested. My wife and children tested negative. My sister also tested negative. But my parents tested positive too.

Upon learning that Mommy and Daddy tested positive, there was hardly anything that I can do. It was as if my hands and feet are tied as I had to spend my days in isolation. These are the times when the only thing that I can do was to put my complete trust in the Lord having faith that He will fix everything.

I am thankful to family, friends, and colleagues who expressed support in their own varying ways.

I consider it a blessing that my sister arrived in the country even with the difficulty of flying in from abroad during these times.

God is truly at work. Even when my parents tested positive, theirs were only mild cases. Nobody among us had to be hospitalized. More importantly, after undergoing the COVID-19 tests twice, my wife and children tested negative in both instances.

Now, all of us are fully recovered. We are just waiting for the government-imposed quarantine period to be over. As a matter of fact, I have already resumed working from home.

Get vaccinated

Make no mistake about it: I am fully vaccinated before I contracted the disease. Moreover, the incubation period from the time I was vaccinated with my second dose to the time I got sick has already lapsed: beyond 14 days.

I have the slightest idea of where I got the virus. I very seldom go out of our residence. Although I personally report to the office on a staggered basis, I follow health protocols. I can spend countless hours thinking of how and where I got the virus but it would only be a waste of time. What is important is to be more stringent on a personal level as far as following health protocols are concerned.

What this experience made me realize is that vaccines can only increase our fighting chance. I can only imagine the gravity of my case if I never had myself vaccinated. And so therefore I encourage you to be proactive in getting yourself vaccinated. Many are still hesitant or choosy with the kind of brand that they will take. As they say, the safest vaccine will still be the one at your arm.

Live to live

Even when I was under quarantine, I kept my mind active. I was listening to motivational speakers on the internet and some audiobooks.

I tried to write some blog drafts. As a matter of fact, I even wrote a draft of this very blog. I however set it aside and chose to write a new one, which is this. Being isolated can really be challenging. There was hardly anything to do if you will not think of things that you can do.

This thing was clear to me: I need to live. I have a family to care for. I have businesses to undertake. I have a job to fulfill. I cannot afford to spend my time in isolation pitying myself; I leave no room for such.

Let us choose to live not because we fear death. Let us choose to live because we are clear about our purpose in life.

Praying for others

I am well aware that I have friends, schoolmates, and acquaintances who also tested positive. Some are even worse as they had to be hospitalized. I even received news of those who never made it alive.

My prayer is that we may all get through these trying times together. I pray that those who are still sick start being on the road to full recovery. I pray for eternal repose for those who did not survive. May their memories be never forgotten.

More importantly, I hope that families who have COVID-19 patients may be bound together with the divine love of our Creator and be stronger.

God is love and His mercy abounds. Let us have faith: God will not abandon His children.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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