My Life


Childhood days remind me of the times when much of our neighborhood was still surrounded with rice fields. My friends and I would go out very often either playing in the fields or swimming in a river nearby.


I am a Roman Catholic by faith. I am a former member of Singles for Christ where I met my wife. Currently, I am serving as a lay minister in our parish.


I took up BS Civil Engineering. I do remember though that in my childhood days, I dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But things began to somehow change when I started developing interest in Physics and Mathematics during high school.


I certainly love playing chess. I am not a grandmaster of any sort. But I love the universality of the game. Because it is a battle of the minds, even an old player can play with a ten-year-old or younger player. Man versus man, man versus woman, man versus computer - the game is open to all who are interested.

Interests and hobbies

I often write my thoughts whether that be related to religion, politics, family life, and other interests. From time to time, I also watch movies. Make no mistake about it, I often watch old movies. I love taking walks with my daughters after work when time permits.

Business and career

I am currently working as a quantity surveyor. My job involves doing construction cost estimates, evaluation of bids and evaluation of progress billing claims & additional claims from contractors. Recently, I learned to establish a business of my own that revolves around my passions in life which I can do while being employed.

My Online Mentors

I chanced upon this ad by a certain Mike Jacques, who now is my referral partner, which led me to a person named Stuart Ross and his group called Six Figure Mentors. What particularly interested me is this group's advocacy for people to have this laptop lifestyle and, more importantly, living a kind of life that you really love where you can earn through your passions in life. There was no promise of a quick fix on everything.

Surely, there were hesitations at first. But joining the community proved to be a correct decision.

I relearned the value of investing in myself and my potentials. I started out in late February 2021 and I can truly say that I have been receiving valuable support to this very day.

It does not matter what age or what stage you are in right now. The opportunity is still in your hands. If you are interested, subscribe to my page and give it a try.

Rod, help me learn more!

My Digital Enterprise

In a matter of two weeks, I was able to establish a Digital Business. I received step-by-step guidance on how to put it up.

In the span of those two weeks, I was undergoing training courses that would prepare me just before I launch my own website.

To this very day, I remain to have access to continuing education that will help me propel the business towards success!

My business revolves around my passion to write and give people hope through my writings.

You too can start having a business of your own and journey your way to success with the kind of life that you want

Rod, show me how to start!

Writing to Spread Hope

At the end of each day, touching peoples' lives even in the littlest way that we can add meaning to our own individual lives. If we consider ourselves a gift to the world, then that would only make sense if we bear much fruit.

I look forward to inspiring you through the art that I am most passionate about - writing.

I look forward that as you read my writings, you may be filled with hope - hope that you too can start your journey to success and create a life that you want.

Rod, I want to read more!

My continuing education...

I believe that whatever journey you want to embark on, getting yourself equipped with education will prove to be vital in the long run...

Being part of Mentors has given me access to continuing education which I can only dream of in the past. The challenge of having to pay for every course I will take hindered me from pursuing advanced learning.

Now, I can joyfully spend hours and hours learning courses that I think would align with my passions in just a few clicks.

Imagine having your own business and having access to free training courses that can help sharpen your saw as you pursue that business. You get that chance not only to add income streams but also increase your knowledge at the same time, making you even more competitive in a world where change is constant!

If you want FREE access to thousands of courses and pieces of training on Linked-in to improve your skills, you can start by subscribing to my page.

Do you want to start your own journey towards having a Digital Business of your own?

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