Discovering Mentors

Sometime late February 2021, I chanced upon this Youtube ad that promoted a laptop lifestyle - a kind of life where you can earn through your laptop at the comfort of your home and at the time of your convenience.

Exercising Caution

As with most of us, it was normal for me to simply skip and dismiss advertisements shown on Youtube. After all, how many of us fear clicking on the links related to ads, cautious of the fact that they may lead us to internet scams. But for some reason, I ended up listening intently to the advertisement.

inside vios

Prior to the pandemic, my wife and I would wake up at 3 AM, drop off our younger daughter over at my mother-in-law's house before heading to our respective offices.

traffic jam

It was that early because we needed to beat Manila's horrendous traffic jams.

in the car

After work, I would fetch my wife in her office, drive over to my mother-in-law's house to get our daughter and head home. We would be fortunate enough to come home by 9 PM. That, ladies and gentlemen, was our daily routine.

Developing an Interest

And so I got interested in the idea of having that laptop kind of lifestyle. Working from home became necessary due to the pandemic. And I thought to myself that I needed to start doing something to continue earning from home. After all, the pandemic is surely adding uncertainty to everybody's employment and sources of income.


No Promises of a Quick Fix

I started out watching a few videos of how to turn a crisis into an opportunity and how to start building your own business from scratch. What particularly interested me was the fact that they did not promise a quick fix on everything: your success will depend on your dedication and commitment to your decision. After watching their videos, I came to this realization: this group is advocating people to invest in their potentials, their passions, and make a living out of them - a route that is viable.


And so I decided to join the group, Six Figure Mentors.

Within just a matter of two weeks, I am already learning new skills to start something new. I have already been able to build my own website, something that is completely alien to me, considering that I am not a tech-savvy person.

I believe that I have just started to go on the path of investing in myself and my passions in a completely different way, a way that is life-changing. Does this scare me? Yes. But if a challenge does not scare us even in a small way, that may not at all be a challenge after all.

It does not matter what age you are or where you are right now. The opportunity to grow is always there. You just need to tap it. Friend, if you want to change your life and build on something that you truly love and make a living out of it to help secure your own family's future, this might be for you.

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A Business with Access to Continuing Education

At first, I thought I was only going to be able to establish an online business of my own, undergo training and webinars here and there, and that's it! Probably, the idea of being able to continue education and access online courses did not sink in since I was still just starting.

My membership in SFM has given me the chance to develop new skills that I can mix with old ones to build a business. Not only that, with access to training materials and various online courses, I can explore many more fields of interest and learning and even develop new hobbies that are truly worthwhile!

I never thought that rediscovering my passions, pursuing my dreams, and learning would be possible all at the same time! And now, I can honestly say that it is doable. Having said that, I am now doing a business that I so love - a business that revolves around my interests and hobbies.

With consistency and dedication, coupled with adequate community support, turning one's dreams into reality is very much possible!

Incorporating your talents with new skills that will harness further those talents is really so fulfilling. I encourage you to start your own journey building a business of your own that revolves around your passions, too! Don't let fear hold you back.  

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