Love is the Fuel of Persistence: Do Not Give Up

It is every father’s wish to see to it that his daughters are beautiful in and out.

A commitment to comb

As with many, my older daughter likes to have her hair long. She likes Rapunzel and pretends to be one. However, playfulness would tend to ruin her hair when she and her younger sister starts playing around the house.

By then it would be normal to see her hair tangled across one another, messy.

Recently I have made this commitment: whenever I see my daughter’s hair messed up, I will properly comb and neatly tie it. I will not stop until I am satisfied with how she looks. If I want to see my daughter beautiful, I must be proactive and do something so she would look good. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t seem to be a manly task in the eyes of some. What matters is the end result: that my daughter looks beautiful.

The funny thing about combing tangled hair is that it will test your patience. In the past, after a few strokes, I just give up and tell her we will just tie her hair once it gets dry.

What I realized though is that combing my daughter’s hair is a lesson on persistence. If I look to see an end result where her hair is properly combed and neatly tied, thereby exposing her beauty, I should be the last person to give up.

Persistence is an important attitude that we need to develop and possess to successfully translate our dreams into physical reality.

What seed are you planting?

This morning, I came across my Mentors newsfeed and a post of one of our fellow members bidding goodbye. He said that it has already been nine months and he has not made a single sale. And to avoid being in further debt, he has decided to end his subscription, in effect his business. This is not new for me. Over the last week, I also sent a message to a fellow member not to give up.

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But while it is true that there are stories of failure. There are also several stories of success. In the end, it is you who write your own stories, not anybody else. Whether you will succeed or not is entirely dependent on your determination to succeed.

What this made me realize is that when starting a business, we must always take on the attitude of a farmer. And one of the things we must do is to ask ourselves: to what plant can I compare my business? Is it a small plant or a sturdy tree?

Mongo seeds grow quickly. They also bear fruit quickly. But the plant does not last for long.

In contrast, a mango tree takes time to bear fruit. The planter needs to take care of it while it is still young from animals that feed on plants like goats. He also needs to cultivate the soil and remove the weeds that rob it of nourishment. He receives nothing from taking care of it. And it takes time. But after a while, the tree starts growing. It begins to grow on its own with very minimal intervention from the person who planted it. And when harvest season comes, the planter is up for a good harvest.

How do you envision your dream? Can it be likened to a mongo plant or a mango tree?

We must be the last person to give up on our dreams.

Fuel it with love

Whether it is combing your daughter’s tangled hair or doing a business, persistence is vital. But persistence should be fueled with love.

It is the very notion that we are doing the things that we love for the people that we love that gives us the will to carry on despite the challenges. If we want to see results, we must be persistent even when things do not seem to work. It is only when we give up when the efforts that we have exerted truly become a waste.

Recently, I no longer give up on my daughter’s hair. It doesn’t matter how many strokes I do just to comb her long hair. What matters is the end result. Such has also become my attitude towards my business. I must be persistent because I am doing what I love for the people that I love.

Be persistent. Be fueled with love. And be successful.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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