Life is Short: Let Us Live It to the Full

When I was young, I used to see the life ahead of me as something that is too long.

During my teens, I saw life in the forties as miles away. But now that I am about to officially reach middle age a few months from now, I realize that life isn’t really that long. My teenage years were all just like yesterday. In hindsight, things become very short.

If life is not really that long, then the best way to live it is to live it in full.

The drifters

However, many of the people around us choose to live it in half. Many allow the circumstances around them to dictate what is going to happen to them. They settle to become drifters.

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Many people live unsatisfied lives due to the fact that they fail to realize that their potentials can take them to places they truly want. Many are unhappy with their life situations but would rather stay because they do not want to get out of their comfort zones.

A professor in college narrated to us the way she cooks crabs. She said that if she wants to have crabs for a meal, the first thing she does is to put the crabs inside the freezer. The crabs will not resist. Once the crabs have frozen to death, that is the time it is best to cook them. Directly putting them in boiling water while fully awake will only cause the crabs to run wild inside the pot until they disintegrate.

The same is true with us. In our fear of getting out of our comfort zones, it is like allowing life to put us inside a freezer until the freezing cold of death catches upon us.

The easiest way to live this life is to do just nothing. Let it all flow just as they are.

Take charge!

To live our lives in full, it must start with a decision to take responsibility for our lives. We must seize every opportunity to improve our lives. And we must be proactive about it.

Notice how a room is kept-lighted. To do so, the light bulb should be kept on. Inside the light bulb is a process of converting electrical energy to light energy. Cut off the power supply and immediately darkness begins to set in.

To improve our lives, we must always fill our minds with things that will help us grow. We must shift our focus from those that drag us down to those that will lift up our spirits. There must be a conscious effort to change our life situation.

We must keep on reading books. We must constantly listen to good counsel. We can watch and listen to motivational speeches. If we develop that as a habit, then we will automatically gear ourselves on looking for tools and instruments that will make us, with God’s grace, the masters of our destinies.


We are all created in God’s image and likeness. We too are creators. And if that is so, then we have in our hands the ability to create the kind of life that we truly want.

Let us set goals that are high. And it is important to set them high because goals that are high will require a huge amount of effort from us to achieve them. As we exert effort, it starts a process of change in us. At the end of the day, it is the person that we become that will matter.

Life gets more exciting when we know that the good results happening around us is a product of our own making. Let us be thankful for what we have but let us continue to set our eyes on the higher prize.

Life may truly be short. But let us make it meaningful by living it to the fullest!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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