Let Your Crisis Make You Fruitful

A year into the lockdown, we find ourselves grappled with events that lead to uncertainties – the loss of jobs, income, and opportunities. And with the surge of new cases and discovery of the new COVID-19 variants, all the more that people become desperate to find measures on how to improve their situation.

And I guess desperation all the more comes to the average middle-aged person. Have you heard about the midlife crisis? I did. In fact, I have heard people talking about the quarter-life crisis when I was still younger. Back then, I never really put much thought into those so-called “crisis” events. I was dismissive and thought that the idea was just all drama. Probably, most people never really did put attention to the possibility of those crises until they themselves have experienced it.

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I am now in my late thirties. And in about a couple of years from now, I might just be the one who cries midlife crisis!

Many people want to have a reset in their lives. A middle-aged person might want to go back to his twenties and start all over again – choose a different career path, look for another company to get employed with, or yet, choose a totally different kind of life! Many factors can lead to midlife crisis – debt, physical changes, boredom, among many others. But life does not have a reset button. And we can only live with it moving forward. 

However, there are means to somehow alleviate our situation and part of that is learning something new and rediscovering our sense of purpose.


The idle mind is the workshop of the devil, as the saying goes. And so therefore we need to have it preoccupied with things that will make us productive and fruitful.

My college professor once said when a person stops thinking, that person may be nearing his death. Probably he didn’t mean it literally. But one reason is that if the person no longer finds himself fruitful, he will try to suck resources into himself. Finding no reason to appreciate himself, he begins to resent other people’s appreciation of themselves through the acknowledgment of their own giftedness and their ability to share their giftedness. Envy is a deadly sin as it tends to make people focus on comparing themselves to others. Now, either they destroy other people or destroy themselves in the process just to please their envious hearts.

Just this February, I have begun my journey to establish my own digital business. This for me is totally new! The idea may have been available to others who have done this way before I did. But that does not matter! As long as I know that by engaging in something new I am able to learn something new, then I can say that I am a better person now than who I was last February! It is all a matter of comparing the person I am today with the person I was yesterday. 

We all want something new. If so, we should dare to look for something new! We cannot change the past but we can change the course of our tomorrow – now.


Just this afternoon, stress from work and some other personal problems are taking off my energy. How you would love to escape them all!

One of my daughters came over to me and went for a hug. And it dawned on me that that moment was a moment of rediscovering my purpose. I am a father to two beautiful children and if only for that, I must be able to go on with life despite the challenges that life may bring onto my plate!

We all have a need to be needed. And friend, somewhere out there, there is a person who needs us! In many cases, we don’t even need to get out of our homes to discover someone who needs us.

Our purpose may not even directly be towards another human person. It could be hobbies like planting, caring for animals, improving the environment, all of which have the same intention – to be fruitful as a human person.

A renewed sense of purpose is all about introspection – looking at our own giftedness and the willingness to share such giftedness especially to people who are in need. In fact, when we rediscover our purpose, we tend to find ways how to improve our gifts.

Let your crisis make you fruitful.

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Friend, are you in despair? Are you bored with your life? Turn that crisis into an opportunity. Learn something new and rediscover your purpose.

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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