Let There Be a First Time

A year since the country was in lockdown, I came to our office this afternoon. I was a bit nervous.

I was a bit nervous not because my boss will scold me once I arrive there but because I am not familiar with the place. Our office had already transferred to a different address. And so one year since all of us were working at home, this was the first time I would come to the office.

You may be wondering why it should come to be such a fuss for me given the availability of so many driving apps out there where you can easily locate the place that you want to go to. But you see, I am probably one of those that you may consider as very traditional when it comes to driving.

Before I go to a certain place, I make sure that I study first how to go there. I read maps (which fortunately too are very much available on the internet) and I make sure that even up to a certain extent, I know at least the major landmarks in that area. I remember when my family and I went to Pangasinan in 2019, I even printed out the directions, the areas where I would take turns, and even studied each location along the way on Google Earth.

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I believe in technology but I leave a space for familiarity and study because there are occasions when the technology available to you simply isn’t working. If I go to a far place where the signal is poor, then my smartphone is completely useless in accessing needed information. Then I would find myself lost. It may be alright during the daytime but not when it is nighttime already. And so as a driver, that has always been my principle: to study the route towards my destination carefully before the actual trip itself.

Arriving at our office building is one story. The familiarity with the office building itself – which way do I take to the elevator, which elevator should I use to get to our office floor, what are the health protocols being implemented, etc., is another.

It could be that you are a first-time parent and you are quite jittery. It may be the first time you will change a baby’s diaper. It may be the first time you would put a baby to sleep. It may even be actually the first time that you will carry a baby. When I was still single, I dread the thought that I would be carrying a baby when attending as godfather to a baptism. I was afraid that they may be too soft for me to handle.

What helped me overcome my fear of carrying a baby when my first child was born? Simple. More than just excitement, it is love.

Because I love my daughter, I must let her feel the warmth of a father’s embrace. Very early on, I must be able to make her feel safe when she is in my arms. I must be able to set aside my fear of carrying a baby so that I may be able to express my love towards my then infant firstborn.

Better, let the love be greater than the fear.

That feeling of doing things the first time brings both excitement and fear. It is a mixture of both. Most likely, your success or failure will depend on whichever of the two ingredients is greater deep inside of you. If you are excited about something, you will still do it even with the presence of fear, even with the possibility of repeated failures. Did I tell you that I missed a couple of turns at our office’s complex just before I found the right place to park my car? But if we allow fear to overcome us, then we might end up finding ourselves freezing.

This is the first time that I have had my own website. This is the first time that I engaged in digital business. More importantly, this is the first time that I am writing on my very own platform! Do I feel scared? A lot. But then I must be able to take courage and fix my eyes on the greater prize. In so many instances, in order to quell our fears, we are eager to see the results immediately. But by just looking at how farmers do their business, they do not quickly expect returns. They cultivate their plants well and do everything that they can do to nourish them. The fruits eventually become a byproduct of their hard work, of their dedication.

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What is that thing now that you are doing the very first time? Do you have a certain talent or passion in life that you would like to offer to the world the first time? Let the excitement be greater than the fear. Better, let the love be greater than the fear. Let there be a first time.

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Be blessed and be a blessing.

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