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There are times when I find it hard to write content. Sometimes, the reason is either I don’t know what topic to write about or I simply lack the inspiration.

But since I started a business, there is one thing that I never wanted to fade – the burning desire to grow.

Whenever I am not writing, I make sure that my time is productive. I double-check on my previous posts. I add features to my website. Now, I am learning how to add more plug-ins and getting comfortable with it. I read e-books to nourish my mind. I also undergo training courses to grow new skills.

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I have stayed long enough in my company and I have already envisioned myself preoccupied with my business, no, businesses – primarily that of writing posts that look to inspire people. Every morning, I have always looked forward to what to write or what message to convey. More importantly, I would like to learn more, and learning new skills makes me excited.

In my previous post, I said that good things attract good things. And to tell you honestly, a new business opportunity is now knocking on my doors. Within this month I plan to buy a business franchise that is really profitable during this time of the pandemic. The way it goes, one business attracts other business opportunities too!

This is what I realized: job security can be an enemy of creativity. This is not to say that I regretted all those years that I worked in the company. I have colleagues and clients that have become friends, and for that I am thankful. But the time that I devoted to working long hours could have been better used in exploring what more talents I have and what other gifts I can offer the world using my own business.

With God’s grace, this will be the last year of my employment. And I look forward to reaching my goal soon because I have faith that He will bless my businesses.

With God’s grace, this will be the last year of my employment. And I look forward to reaching my goal soon because I have faith that He will bless my businesses.

I may not be getting any younger. But my excitement today to discover the world in a totally new light is much better than in my younger years!

I want to explore the extent of my creativity. I want to reach out to the depths of my soul and see what else I can give. I want to venture into things that I never dared to set forth before in the name of job security. I want to innovate! I want to bring more into this world. I want to establish businesses that ultimately bring hope.

Now, my business of writing blogs to inspire people is already up and running. I am still learning the ropes of how I could reach out to more people. Just recently, I tried running an ad on Facebook. The experience is making me realize how to improve more on my next ads for me to invite more visitors to my website. One by one, slowly but surely, my hits and misses are adding to my learning curve.

And with a business that hopes to inspire people so that they may also rediscover their passions, learn new skills and start a business of their own that revolves around their passions, I am very much inclined to take on other businesses that align with my goal – to bring hope. I have always believed that everyone has the capacity to change.

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The business opportunities that come my way are messages of hope for me. And I look forward to using them to convey messages of hope to other people! Challenges come as they do come. But my desire to grow is bigger than the challenges that come my way.

Writing is one of my passions. This is just one of the many courses I took to sharpen my saw.

When I started forming my digital business, I received step-by-step guidance on how I would be able to do it. Not only that, but I am also able to access thousands of online training courses to sharpen my skills. The sacrifices I am doing are all worth it.

You too can have the chance to start anew and tell the world about your own success story. You can start now! Improve your skills! Build a business that revolves around your passions. Start your way to creating the kind of life that you want.

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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