It is Your Why That Will Strengthen Your How

During the middle of this year, I started writing goals that I would like to have by the end of the year. In particular, I set a target amount of money that I would like to see on my bank account by yearend. I posted my goals on conspicuous areas of our home. And I would read my goals frequently to remind myself of my targets.

With the goals I have written, I have accomplished writing and publishing my own book. I have also launched a print-on-demand business which is Rod’s Online Store. I have opened a new line of business, Toktok, which focuses on delivery services. The good thing about having a Toktok franchise is that it comes along with more business lines that offer food and health & wellness products. Moreover, I am now working on my second book, part of the goals I have written.

But what seems to be the lacking piece is the amount of money I am targetting. I am still way off the mark. Yes, the yearend is still about over two months ahead but at this stage, one cannot help to notice doubts starting to linger in whether I would achieve such a huge financial target.

Revisit your goals by asking why

From time to time, whenever I read my goals, I ask myself, “why do I want such a huge amount of money?” And my answer would be this: I want to have time and financial freedom. But whenever I do that, there seems to be something lacking. It is as if the response I have to my own question does not give me the satisfaction I look for.

And then it dawned on me: do I really want money just for the sake of having it? Sure I want to pay off some debts with it. But does having more than enough money a thing that I truly desire? If yes, why? What shall I do with the excess? Surely, I want time and financial freedom just as anybody does. But if my goal is directed entirely to myself, do I really expect my efforts to bear much fruit?

The goal should align to your values

As I was pondering about the goals I wrote, I began to realize that I was only able to see into reality those goals that align with my passions in life. I have become a book author and writer because I love to convey my ideas through writing. In fact, I do not mind the time whenever I write.

Toktok franchise business is not just a delivery service business but it is more importantly a people business. I get to talk to people and present them the business to offer them an opportunity that could possibly change their lives, especially during a pandemic. And doing presentations is also one thing I am passionate about. I may be a silent type of person but I love public speaking.

My print-on-demand business, Rod’s Online Store, while creating designs, is oriented to inspiring people with motivational statements – another passion of mine.

If we are to set goals, those goals must align with our values as a person. Setting a goal that does not conform with our value system is like a boxer punching with all his might only to miss an opponent, thereby dissipating a huge amount of his energy in the process.

Think of a lofty ideal, think big

As I was thinking about my financial goal, I came to my senses and told myself that there must be a big reason behind such a big financial target. Time and financial freedom may be sufficient reasons for some. But I still found them lacking. In my heart, I knew that there is a bigger reason that I just could not figure out. And after some time of thinking, the huge reason did come – my family.

I have always wanted to bring my children to some country where they would receive a better education. I believe in their potentials and I know that with the right education, they would be able to be competitive in an ever-changing world. This dream has always been with me even before. But due to certain circumstances, I felt unkeen to push through with it. But somehow, that country where I would like to go keeps crossing my mind from time to time. This is one thing I should not ignore anymore.

I want my family to see beautiful places and experience a life that is truly worthwhile. I want to give my family the best that I could possibly give. Alas, I have truly realized a lofty ideal with which all other goals will submit. Now, instead of setting my eyes on the financial target, my attention got directed to achieving a goal where money is just a means, a tool, to achieve a bigger dream.

Why empowers how

We need to think deeply and start thinking big. What is the true desire of our hearts? Setting that ultimate big goal will help us keep our focus. It helps us continue doing what we are doing even when times are hard, even when challenges seem insurmountable. More importantly, knowing that you are dreaming of something not just for your own sake gives you more determination to achieve it.

When we set a huge reason on why to achieve a goal, we begin to find ways how to achieve them. We activate our minds into finding the means necessary to get our objectives in life. We start bracing ourselves to possible humiliation, rejections, and failure if only to get to where we want to be.

Having set my goal for my family, I started reorganizing my priorities. I revisited my business calendar and made sure that I do something productive even when going home tired from the office. I began to gather up all the determination I need to maximize my time.

Keep sowing

We must leave no room for excuses if we want to reach our dreams. If the reason is big enough, the willingness will also be big enough. And there can be no stopping us.

The late motivational speaker Jim Rohn says that life gives us what we deserve, not what we need. So therefore we must bring to the soil our seeds and not our needs. We must keep on sowing so that there is a promise of reaping. And the reasons why we sow will keep us doing the things we need to do to ensure a harvest.

There may be times when we have to change some plans, but if we fix our eyes on the goal, we will be able to find ways to succeed. Those things we do that are aligned to our goal will stay but those that are not will be like leaves that wither away.

Dream big and let your why empower your how.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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