Increase Your Self-Worth: Start in the Home

In the course of establishing a digital business, one important learning that I have encountered is that the online and offline worlds are built on the very same principle of success: adding value to another adds value to one’s very own self.

Our value as a person

An important strategy to establish authority for a website is to add value to other websites. This is done by making an external link from your website to other credible websites. It enhances one’s web page to appear on the results pages of search engines, leading to the possibility of gaining more traffic.

In real estate, properties located near vital establishments are given high valuations. If you have a huge parcel of land and allow for a right of way in the middle of your land to enhance mobility in your community, you are sure to increase the value of your property. This is not to mention that paving the way for increased traffic gives an opportunity for the development of your land.

If websites and real estate properties increase in value by giving value to others, the same principle can be said of the human person. A person’s value increases with his ability to increase the value of another person. I would like to stress out however that value spoken of here should not be equated to dignity. Every person is entitled to dignity and it does not diminish in whatever respect.

Increasing value is by rendering services to another person. If by using your gifts you are able to uplift the life of your neighbor, then your value increases in their eyes. It would not be surprising then that they will seek your gifts. And by being able to use your gifts, you enhance your confidence in yourself. Your self-worth increases.

Self-worth and net worth

What I have learned in the course of establishing income streams from the internet is this: your net worth grows in direct proportion with your self-worth.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Self-worth is about self-respect. If you truly respect yourself, are you contented to a life where you are chased by creditors left and right, leaving nothing left in your pocket to give your family? Or are you satisfied with a life of begging? If you have self-respect, are you contented that you cannot provide for your loved ones? All it needs is a serious amount of introspection of whether as a person we are offering ourselves as a sincere gift capable of making a difference in other people’s lives.

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Increasing our self-worth is about walking away from a life where we do not grow as a person. It is about making a firm decision to find ways of how to provide for others instead of merely being a recipient. As your self-worth increases, your net worth will also increase. And so it makes so much sense that a man who dreams to be financially successful must first find ways on how to increase his worth in the eyes of the public by using his talents and skills to add value to the community that he belongs.

Family first!

If we want to increase our value in the eyes of the general public, we should first start within the family.

Let our success start from our home. And if we do, all we need is to practice the same attitude with people out there. If increasing the value of another person becomes our second nature, then the rewards will surely come.

There is no chance of being a successful role model in the eyes of many people if we are a burden in our own home. If we want to increase our self-worth, let us start with our very own families.

Testing the proposition of whether we are increasing our self value can best be done in the home.

If you are a parent, increase the value of your children. Increase your patience when they become unruly. Take the extra mile to attend to their needs. Take a walk with them. Chat with them. Make time for them. Children are filled with honesty and sincerity. A kiss or a hug from them at a moment that you are not expecting any is a sure indication that your efforts are bearing fruit.

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Do the same for your spouse. Give him or her your full attention when you are conversing with one another. Listen to each other and pray for one another.

Let our success start from our home. And if we do, all we need is to practice the same attitude with people out there. As increasing the value of another person becomes our second nature, the rewards will surely come.

The need to be proactive

Success is something that compounds itself. However, we must also remember that failure also compounds itself.

It is important that to be successful, we need to be proactive in achieving our goals.

All it needs for a room to get dark is to turn off the lights. But we want the room to be kept illuminated, there is a process of transforming electrical energy to light energy. And don’t forget that there is also a price to pay given that you will need to pay the electric bill.

If we want evil to succeed, good men just need to stay idle.

Negativity automatically overtakes us when we stop doing positive things. To conquer the negative, we must take action.

The point that I would like to drive in is that we should not stop exerting an effort to increase our value as a person by rendering service to our neighbors. We must keep on using our talents and skills to help others succeed. That way, we would also be able to succeed.

Increase your self-worth. Then you increase your net worth.

I pray for your success.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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