Good Habits Remove Our Life Weeds

Have you been reading the news lately? How much of your attention does it consume?

For the last few years, I have had my attention much on the news and current events. In most cases, I make blog posts on my social media accounts airing my opinion on relevant issues. Suffice it to say, I have also had put much attention on Facebook and Twitter. I have always been fond of making tweets and comments on various political issues.

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There may be nothing wrong with our desire to be kept up-to-date with the news that matters and airing our views on what is happening in our society. They affect us directly or indirectly. But I guess the problem I had was the amount of time that I had dedicated to them.

What I realized however is that we become what we consume. As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

In many cases, when you look at news feeds on social media, they are full of things that do not enrich people – scandals, controversies, viral videos of people committing wrongdoing, and corruption in government. Often they are shared by either our close friends or relatives and the people that we follow. And to tell you honestly, in most cases, they are those wherein there is hardly anything you can do. What those news feeds do to us is to invite us into making a negative or harsh response. In the end, we end up feeling heavy.

And as we focus more and more on negative issues, the heavier our hearts get. We invested time and attention. But the investment turned out to be a bad investment as it did not enrich our well-being.

When our focus is on platforms that give us bad news, the more that we get a load of bad news. It is because as if we have automatically geared minds to look out for more negative things.

We should put a stop to investing much time in hearing the news that does not enrich us. And quickly! This is not to say that we should seclude ourselves from the bigger world out there and be apathetic to what is happening around us.

The funny thing about social media platforms is that they have algorithms to determine people’s interests. So if you are fond of negative issues, what you will keep on seeing on your newsfeeds are things that bring negative news. But if you focus your interests on the good things, it will also start feeding you with good things – either articles or posts that will help you get better.

If you don’t believe it, just check on the advertisements that you begin to see on your screens when you start changing your life interests. When I started posting about my digital business on Facebook, I began to see more and more ads of the same, either promoting their businesses or offering courses on how to increase the traffic to your website and so on.

Shift your focus on things that will make you a better person and you will receive more of those that make you a better person. Good things attract good things! Our aspiration to impact change on the world around us should start with having a change in ourselves.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. I totally agree with that idea. But in order for good men to continue being a force for good, they must also steadily enrich themselves with those that are good to combat evil!

In combating evil, it does not necessarily mean that we need to take the bull by the horn. Let me elaborate.

When I started my business two months ago, I began preoccupied. Because I had to know how to establish the business, I had to undergo training courses that would help me set up the business.

Shift your focus on things that will make you a better person and you will receive more of those that make you a better person. Good things attract good things! Our aspiration to impact change on the world around us should start with having a change in ourselves.

With much of my time dedicated to how I would be able to set up my business, the time I had for things that are not significant became lesser and lesser. And you know what? The time I was devoted to social media commenting on various negative issues of the day significantly dropped. How was that good? It is because it lessened my contribution to the fire.

Not only did having a business of my own shifted my focus, but it also helped me develop better habits. I am excited to learn new things that will make my business flourish even more. Ultimately, those new learnings will make me a better person.

Gradually, the good habits weed out the bad habits. I am able to use my spare time better. And I end up with a happy heart.

The removal of our life weeds make us more fruitful.

By weeding out the bad habits, slowly it all the more becomes easy to do business. I have begun writing blogs with more ease than when I was starting out. Also, it opened up avenues for creativity. There are images in my blogs that are of my original creation. I have also undergone training courses to improve my writing skills.

I am in the business of encouraging people to make a brand new start. And by doing that, I have the opportunity to spread hope. And isn’t it that hope is what most people nowadays need to carry on with the challenges of life? The opportunity to help people change promotes the proliferation of good.

Do you want to be a force for good?

You can start now! Rediscover your passions and start building a business around those passions. Learn new skills that you yourself can teach to other people once you have mastered whatever new craft that may be. You can be an agent of hope by also letting other people turn crises into opportunities.

Get yourself inspired with stories of success.

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Everyone has the capacity for renewal. We can all decide to have a brand new start. Let us shift our focus on things that will make us feel blessed and give us the ability to bless others.

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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