God is My Supplier! Blessed be His Name!

It has been two months now since I have been conducting my digital business.

And I have to admit that in a number of posts, I have tried to put down religious undertones in an effort to avoid alienating non-Christian readers. Subconsciously, I was thinking that if a reader begins to sense some religious messages in my posts, that may turn them off.

Trump’s audiobook

Yesterday, I was listening to an audiobook by former US President Donald Trump entitled Think Like a Billionaire. One very particular message that struck me was his unabashed declaration of his belief in God even in the conduct of his business. People may have different views about him but that is a different story. But the fact remains that he declares his belief openly.

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Somehow, it gave me that sense of epiphany. It also gave me a feeling of embarrassment at the same time. It reminded me of to whom I really owe everything. It made me bolder.

As a Christian, it is from God that I draw my identity.

The source of my identity

If I truly believe in my product, then I must fully believe first in my product supplier. If I am in the business of providing hope that people can rediscover their skills and passions to make them profitable, then I must have full confidence in the One that supplies me with the virtue of hope. And that is no less than the Lord. God is my supplier!

As a Christian, it is from God that I draw my identity. And if I lose sight of God in the conduct of my business, then I begin to lose my identity. It is through the realization of my identity that I establish my authenticity. It is from my authenticity that I draw my creativity and share in God’s creative mission.

And where do I go without God? In both personal and business affairs, God should be present. A Christian cannot afford to show God on one hand and attempt to hide Him on the other.

It is also important to note that each of my work should be an expression of gratitude to my Creator. He supplies me with everything. And if I want to receive bigger things, I should start by thanking Him for the small things.

Target marketing

In marketing, there is this strategy called target marketing. Sell to everyone and you will end up selling to no one. This basically means that as you identify your niche, your product, you start identifying potential customers. You cannot sell to everyone. There only has to be a target audience. It does not necessarily mean that you will no longer sell your products to those outside of the target audience, it is just that you will need to focus your efforts on a specific audience to increase the chances of having a sale.

The same is true with our Christian identity. Not everyone in the world shares our beliefs especially on marriage and other life issues. Some might be turned off with the teachings we hold dear. Some might be even discouraged to interact with us due to the fact of our being Christian. But I realized that we should not be afraid. We cannot please everyone but we are open to everyone.

Fear not

But we should never be afraid. What is important is that we are sincere with our message and that our intention to spread hope to other people is there. God will bless us generously. He gives more than we expect. He takes care of our business just as long as we also take care of His business.

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My business is a business of hope for God himself supplies me with hope. I learn new things because He empowers me to learn new things. And this business will succeed because He is the one who blesses it. And at every opportunity, I will express gratitude for the wonders that He has given me.

At the end of each day, my mission as a Christian is to introduce the Lord at every opportunity. Millions hunger for the knowledge of God. And by our works, let us show the world that we are empowered by the Mighty One. I am a Christian and I am God’s instrument.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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