Goals: It’s All About the Person We Become

What is the highest goal you have set for yourself so far?

Have you ever dreamed of a happy family? Improved relationships? Or financial freedom?

Aim high

We have always heard of the saying “aim high”. I would always remember my college professor who kept on telling us to shoot for 100% on every exam. At the very least, if we miss the mark, chances are we might land on the 80% which is not only a passing grade but also a decent grade.

Aiming high is important because it compels us to undergo a process of conversion. Change can only come from within. Our aspirations cause a process of transition in us. We act based on the depth of reason why we dream of our dreams.

If you are a student, you will organize your study habits. If you are a writer, you will study how successful communicators expressed their thoughts in writing. Whatever your current situation in life is, it is only in acting upon your situation that change will come.

The conversion process itself is a training ground to preparing ourselves to receive the blessings that we desire.

Many win big money from the lottery only to lose all their money in just a short period of time. Why? Because they are not prepared to receive the blessing. Their conditioning is set to handle only a small amount of money. And so when they put money on bad investments and bad spending habits, they don’t feel any loss. They think that they still have money to spare. That is until they get back to their original state of finances.

Wealth distribution: is it really the answer?

Some say that to resolve poverty in the world, wealth should be distributed equally amongst all people. That is not true.

Even if we take away money from rich people and make every person possess a thousand dollars each, money would still go back to the hands of the rich. Why? Because rich people know how to get rich while so many poor people have totally no idea.

Successful people know how to use their skills or render services to set up businesses that will make people purchase the goods they offer. People who do not change their bad habits would end up giving up their money to buy goods and services from those who know how to do business. From there, wealth comes back to those who know how to be successful.

Start from within

Whatever it is that we want to receive in life, we must prepare ourselves to receive it by changing ourselves.

If we want to have harmony in our family, we first need to be in harmony with ourselves. Parents are role models. We cannot expect from children the kind of attitude that we ourselves do not exhibit.

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If we want to become leaders, we must be able to lead by example. There is no way that we can force people to follow us unless we make ourselves worthy of their respect. If we want to earn people’s respect, we must be prepared to pay the price of being respectable.

Aiming high is not just a cliche. We need to set high standards to challenge ourselves and bring out the best in us. And when we do fix our eyes on our goals, we begin to realize the need to change our attitude and habits if we are determined to achieve them.

At the end of the day, it will not be the goal. What will matter is the journey we have taken to get to where we want to be. It is the person we have become because of our goal that matters.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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