Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts: Why It Matters

Do you want to succeed in life? If you do, please read this article very intently.

So many inspirational speakers have kept on saying over and over again that if a person wants to succeed in life, one of the things that he needs to do is to let go of his negative thoughts. Negative thoughts according to many become a burden to one’s life that hinders his journey to success.

Persons deprived of liberty: an analogy

The best way to analyze this belief is to take a look at convicted people spending jail time.

Generally speaking (and I say so as there are some instances when innocent people get convicted due to some failures in the justice system), people who are in prison misused the blessing of freedom that they used to enjoy. Instead of using freedom to bless other people, they chose to inflict harm on other people. And to make them answerable for their crime and also prevent them to commit any further transgression, society deprives them of liberty.

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I use this analogy to stress one important point: a negative act leads to a decrease in the blessings that we enjoy.

Similarly, a negative thought prevents us from achieving blessings. Why? Because blessings, particularly money, amplify the person that we are. If you are harboring anger towards another person, is it not that there is a possibility that you will use your money to take vengeance against that person once you start acquiring so much?

If you are envious of another person, are you not going to use riches to arrogate yourself against that person?

If you are a parent who has a son that loves to play baseball, are you going to grant your son’s request to have a baseball bat if you are fully aware that he will use it to harm his siblings? Common sense suggests that you will not.

So if you are praying fervently to God for a blessing, He too will not bless you if He knows that you can potentially use it to harm your fellow man.

The blessings will not change you as a person. They will only increase your ability to translate into physical reality the negative thoughts you have in your heart and mind.

Weed out the negative thoughts

Let a thankful heart remove feelings of being envious of your neighbor. Begin counting your own blessings. Take away greed by looking at people in a similar field as co-creators, and not competitors. Eliminate worry and anxiety by developing the confidence that there is enough for all.

Most of all, forgiveness is an important element to success. It is only when we forgive that we open ourselves to insurmountable blessings. Nobody deserves to have his dignity violated. However, we must be able to forgive so that the hurt no longer becomes a heavy load.

When we weed out negative thoughts in our minds, we provide a space for positive thoughts to fill in. And when we start developing a desire to bless other people in our minds, God will equip us with the tools to convert those positive ideas and desires into reality.

Remove the negative thoughts by being preoccupied with thankfulness and the will to grant forgiveness. Let us apply these two things so that blessedness and success may truly be at hand.

I look forward to your success story.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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