Fight for Your Dreams and Never Give Up on Them

What is your life-long dream?

It is very important for every person to keep on dreaming no matter what stage in his life he is. Dreams give us purpose. They give meaning to our lives. A goal is like a ship’s rudder without which the ship will just either sink in the sea or hit the shores.

Dreams become even more meaningful when we dedicate them to the people we love dearly. When we are inspired, our inspiration gives us the impetus to get moving to achieve our dreams in life.

Many people have dreams in life. However, many factors such as procrastination, hesitation, and even laziness, tend to extinguish those dreams.

Remind yourself of your future

Dreaming gives us the ability to see ourselves in the future, a state of life that we want.

We must keep ourselves reminded of our dreams. Otherwise, they simply fade. We must not be preoccupied with the troubles of daily life. This is not to say that we just forget our problems right away as if we have no intention of attending to resolve them. But we must keep our focus on our goals. Problems do come. But, having the ability to think, we must set our attention to things that will improve us and lead us closer to our objectives in life.

When we allow anxiety and fear to dominate us, we get stuck. And because we are dominated by the things we do not like, we tend to give up on our dreams.

I recommend therefore that we set a calendar of daily activities to keep ourselves reminded of our dreams. Some would say they lack the time. That is exactly the reason why you need to make a daily schedule – to get you closer to your dream by managing your priorities in life. We lack time because we fail to manage our time. And when that happens, those that do not deserve our time will eventually steal our precious time. They could be bad habits or even a bad set of friends.

Write your goals and read them daily. Watch videos that help you visualize your dreams – be that a place or a dream house you would like to have. Listen to audiobooks. Read books. Put attention to materials that will either help you achieve your life goals or will empower you to reach your dreams.

Dare to get out of the shadows

In our backyard grows a lanzones tree. A couple of days ago, my mother accompanied me to the tree to show me how much fruit it has already produced. Lanzones is one of my favorites. And indeed it has already yielded a lot of fruits. One observation however was that the lanzones tree is being overshadowed by larger trees. It gets little sunlight. One can only imagine how much more fruit it could have yielded if it were not under the shadows.

The same is true with us. We fail to unleash our potential because we continue to live under the shadows. It could be our relatives and friends, our present work, or our present habits. We have lived “safely” within our comfort zones. We are too scared to detach ourselves from things that give us convenience.

At one point in our lives, we must be willing to get out of the shadows. Unlike trees, we are not stationary beings. One thing we must realize is that nothing on earth comes for free. Everything has a price to pay – especially our dreams. The higher the dreams we have, the bigger effort that we need to exert to achieve them. And more often than not, it starts by mustering the courage to get out of our comfort zones.

Many people stay in their present jobs even when already dislike the situation they are in for fear that there may be no light at the end of the tunnel should they decide to leave. They would rather stay in a kind of life out of fear that they might lose life itself. Many of us are prisoners of our own minds.

Philosopher Robert Proctor said: respect yourself to walk away from the kind of life that you don’t want.

Change can only happen if we decide to. And we must be bold enough to decide towards the kind of life that we have always dreamed of.

Dedicate your dreams

For who are you rising from bed each morning? Is it your parents, your wife, and your children?

Who will benefit from your dreams?

Whoever it is that you want to dedicate your success, you must always find that person with whom you can offer your success or share your dreams. Desire to share your goals with the people you want.

Some people dream to have lots of money. However, they seem to lack the vision of what to use the money they desire for. And because of that, they also lose the passion to achieve such goals since there is no lofty ideal that pushes them to persist until they achieve their goal. Self-centered goals tend to lose steam.

Billionaire Bill Gates dream of eradicating malaria. And he is using his money to do it. He, therefore, has that driving force that keeps his willingness to earn huge money because there is a larger goal behind it.

It is not enough to dream big. Our dreams must also be directed to improving the lives of others, be that our family or the larger community that we are part of. Sharing the fruits of our labor will surely benefit us in the long run.

Fight for your dreams

So dream big and fight for your dreams. In most cases, we ourselves are the ones who extinguish our dreams. Do not let complacency and hesitation steal your dreams. Stop listening to that voice saying that you can’t achieve anything.

There may be times when you will have to spend sleepless nights or even suffer temporary defeats. But continue to push on. Let us focus on our efforts because the results will take care of themselves. Many times, our dreams will take a huge demand from ourselves. We must bear in mind that we will undergo a process of purification to prepare us for the things that we desire. And when we have become the right person, the right time will have also come.

We are encouraged to set deadlines for our dreams. We must realize though that the deadlines we set are not really for the dreams themselves but for ourselves as we prepare ourselves to receive them. The deadlines we set are deadlines for us to change into becoming the right person.

Focus your attention on things that will make you better and start believing yourself. Nobody else will if you don’t.

You will reach your dreams if you put your heart and mind into them.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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