Establishing Prayer Time: Reconnecting with God

There is one crucial realization since I started my digital journey that opened my eyes just recently: my prayer time.

One key idea that I learned over the past few months is that gratefulness is a key to success. And over and over again, I have been watching motivational videos. All of them point to one key area in our life that we must improve if we want to succeed: thankfulness.

A habit to relearn

I began to ponder about my life about the state of my life now and where I want to go. I started thinking of the dreams I wanted to achieve. I looked back at the years when I was debt-free. I made an introspection of how my life was when I had zero debt with banks and now that I have. And my reflection led me to a very important aspect of my life: my prayer time.

When I had an established prayer life, I was able to weather life situations with relative ease knowing that I am connected with my God – the One who supplies me with the confidence and strength to carry on with life. And now I realize that it is the single most important ingredient for me to increase my self-worth! I need to relearn that habit!

If we want to express our thankfulness, the avenue for doing that is by reconnecting with our Creator. And there should be the consistency of prayer. Prayer gives us the opportunity to have a dialogue with God.

Developing a grateful heart

It is also important in our prayer life that we fill our prayer with thanksgiving. God already knows the desires of our hearts. But because of the freedom He gave us, He does not force us to thank Him. So it is entirely up to us. What we should realize is that, if we are thankful, the blessings of having a thankful heart rebounds back to us.

We do not have to start big. We can start thanking God for the small things: our family, the fact that we woke up today, the health that we have, our financial resources, etc. In fact, there are small things that we neglect that means the whole life for other people! How many people had plans set out yesterday but no longer woke up today? Let us start counting our blessings. When we thank God even for the small things, we will find ourselves surprised thanking Him for the bigger blessings.

Praying for other people

Also, let us pray for other people. An important area to increasing self-worth is by increasing other people’s value. Let us increase their value through prayer. Praying for other people is also a sign of confidence that God will take care of our desires. Let us pray for other people more than we pray for ourselves. It is an indication that we are confident of God’s state of abundance and that we will never be left behind.

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At the end of the day, it is all about reconnecting with the source of all blessings: God Himself. We need God in our lives. With God, we gain confidence and determination to fulfill our dreams. And it does not cost us a penny to talk to Him. All it needs is our sincere act of reconnecting with the Lord, the source of everything.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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