Cultivating a Vineyard

So right after work, I went on to rest for a while. We as a family had some snacks after which I decided to read some e-books to make sure that my time was productive. After some time, I went on to wash the dishes in preparation for our dinner. And then for a second, I began to think, “Have I checked my website today?”

Everyday since I have created my website, I make sure that I devote ample time to it. I re-read the articles I have written, check whether there are grammatical errors, discover tools to improve the layout, and reflect on how I can further improve for future content. I also look at the other pages to be able to check areas for improvement and how I would be able to implement those improvements.

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On top of continuously upgrading my website, I also undergo daily online training on how I could further improve my digital skills and, of course, my writing skills.

After realizing that I haven’t made any addition or improvement to my content, I told myself that I have to check on my page. And so immediately after washing the dishes, I went back to my laptop to check my site and began writing this article.

The sense of urgency I had was that of a farmer who was not able to check on his plants in a day, as if one of those plants may wither if he fails to water his field, put some fertilizers wherever needed, or uproot growing weeds around his plants. It is as if something is missing!

I have been blogging already almost on a daily basis now since the turn of the month – alternately here on my own platform and on Digital Bloggers. Last month I was able to write about 9 articles. On those times when I wasn’t able to write an article, mostly, either I had to attend to an important family need, undergo training, or implement on this website some technical skills I learned. And to be honest, that now has become a part of my daily routine ever since I decided to establish a business of my own.

I believe that having your own business is like taking care of a plant. You care for it. You nurture it. You cultivate it. More importantly, you devote your time to it. Never mind if it does not yield fruits immediately. It will come. And when the season comes, we are in for a surprise!

Another beauty of having a business is that it somehow pushes you to learn further about it. You start learning new skills. You even start taking a look at those who were successful in a similar field. On top of that, it also opens up interest in areas in which you never had interests before. I am now getting some interest in how to learn photography so that all my images will be of my own original creation! Slowly but surely, I will add more skills to my arsenal.

Yesterday I was talking to an officemate. And I said I want to improve my skills and build a business so that when the time comes when the company we are working at lays me off due to the pandemic, I have something to rebound on. More importantly, having acquired new skill sets, I can have that fighting chance in transferring to another industry if ever the construction industry gets a further beating due to the pandemic. Having new skills means having new things to offer.

My website is a vineyard. With God’s blessings, consistency, and dedication, I will be able to cultivate it and make it fruitful.

Now more than ever that we are in a pandemic is the time to retool ourselves. We need to recalibrate ourselves.

Now more than ever is the time to build a business of our own! It is important to do so so that when the global economy picks up, it is as if you have already cast your nets ready to catch fish. Where others are still starting, you are already ahead, way ahead! They say that there is a lot of fish in the seas. But the reality is that you may never catch a single one if you do not cast down your nets. By casting down your nets, you improve the chances of catching fish!

Whether you see business similar to farming or fishing, what matters is that you start your own business now and give yourself an opportunity to harvest from your dedication. It may not come instantly, but by God’s grace, it will.

Don’t just be the one listening to other peoples’ success stories. Be the storyteller yourself.

My website is a vineyard. With God’s blessings, consistency, and dedication, I will be able to cultivate it and make it fruitful.

When do you plan to start yours?

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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