Choose Being Prayerful than Being Fearful

One of the beauties of being human is our capacity to choose from good or bad. It is for this reason that we must realize that this capacity, this gift, must be put to good use at all times.

Mistakes do happen in our lives. At times, they do have huge consequences. And when this happens, this is where you will see in people the disparity in handling the problems brought about by their mistakes.

Stress anxiety

There are those who are anxious. They start imagining that things are going to be worse. They already start thinking of the bad consequences. Stress begins to enter the picture. The problem is magnified by the fact that they keep this thought in their mind for a prolonged period of time until such an event really happens.

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The ill effect of this approach to dealing with our problems is that it dissipates our energy. We start to lose focus on other important matters.

Countless studies have already shown that anxiety not only affects the mind but also the body. It constricts our movement.

The need to introspect

Come to think of it, would being stressed about a problem or our life situation, in general, help us?

If you are worried that your boss will scold you, do you think your worry will lessen his anger to any degree? I doubt.

Anxiety does not help people, it only worsens everything.

We as human persons are given the freedom to choose. My suggestion: choose to look at the bright side. Choose to be happy. Happiness is always a matter of choice. If we truly believe that we are given freedom to choose, make the good choice. Choose the happiness instead of anxiety.

This is not to say that we should evade responsibility for our mistakes. But we need to change our paradigm in terms of facing them.

If you have a positive outlook in life, you generate for yourself a cushion armor so that when negative events come, they will just bounce off from you. The effects of the negative event get dissipated. In contrast, a negative outlook on life only magnifies the effects of untoward events.

Life is too short to spend it on thinking of stressful events. Do the right choice.

The power of prayer

I have this suggestion: live a prayerful life.

The beauty if having a prayerful life is that we acknowledge that God alone is the source of our strength. And when we do that, we start to realize that we cannot go beyond the strength with which He has provided us.

To elaborate on my point, imagine you are a child tasked by your mother to buy grocery items in a local store. You were given a certain amount of money with a list of things to buy. So you went to the store to buy the goods. However, unexpectedly, the prices of some items increased, unknown to your mother. Because you were only given a limited amount of money, you were not able to purchase all the items on that list. Whose problem is it now? Yours or your mother’s?

Go back to the source

Imagine the money given by your mother as the amount of strength God has provided to you for a day. The list of grocery items is the list of tasks that you need to accomplish. And because you had limited strength, you ended up short on a certain task.

Having this kind of thinking leads us to this realization: since God himself is the one who provides us strength, then if we encounter a problem or challenge in our life, He too will be the one to provide us a way out.

If you want to please your mother by purchasing all that she listed, is it not logical to ask her for more money so that you can go back to the store and buy the lacking items on the list she gave you? If you want to fulfill God’s plan for you to succeed in life by blessing other people through the wise use of your God-given talents, is not logical to go back to Him and ask for more strength so that you can rectify your shortcomings?

God is our salvation

God did not give us life only to make us miserable.

We fall short on our tasks not because we are stupid. In most cases, mistakes are not even made deliberately. Our strengths run out no matter how hard we try because God wants us to reconnect with Him all the time. As a parent who loves that his children draw near to him, so does the Lord our Father!

Worrying is an act of relying on our own feeble human capacity. Only in the Lord can we find our salvation.

Surrender to the Lord your fears, your worries, your anxieties. Draw from Him the strength you need to get by each day and you will never fail. God does not fail to provide.

Spend not your life in fear. Spend it on prayer.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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