Believe that God Will Fix Everything in Our Lives

Are you beleaguered with life’s troubles?

Is there anything that is lacking in your life in the field of relationships? Or are you financially distressed?

We often hear of countless people who seem to have lost hope in life. In most cases, people’s problems are intertwined such that the persons involved seem to find it difficult to get out of their current situation. There are people who suffer from addiction who seem to find themselves going back to their old ways even when they have repeatedly tried to walk away from their addictions.


In his book Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz stressed the importance of self-image. He said that a person’s life situation hardly deviates from his image of himself. We are based on who we believe we are. And the manner with which we think – positive or negative – will determine the outcome of our life.

If one is resigned to the idea that he is a failure, it is most likely that his actions would lead him to failure. If one does not have enough self-esteem, he would also manifest that lack of self-esteem in his dealings.

In the same manner, a person who has a good image of himself would also radiate such confidence in the things that he does. A man who believes that he is capable of success will always find ways to succeed and he will succeed.

The Breath of Life

When God breathed into the nostrils of man the breath of life, God’s very own breath, the human person in effect became the bearer of God’s breath. He breathed into us his very own life. Every person, therefore, became the continuation of the very life of God. Take that life away and man returns to the dust from which he came from. It is no wonder then that such is the love of God towards humanity. Of all creation, we are the only ones endowed with the power to decide.

Nobody teaches a spider how to make a web. Have you ever seen a group of spiders attending a seminar on how to make the best web? Birds don’t need to be educated on how to build nests but they are able to build nests. Animals are geared to survive and propagate. They have their built-in success mechanisms.

The human person, too, has his own success mechanism. However, it is within his power whether he will use that tool or not.

If the life of God resides in us, then we must have that conviction that God will not give us a kind of life that is miserable. We are not meant to spend a life of misery. And whatever it is in our life – whether in the area of relationships, career, or finances – God will surely fix them. He will fix everything but we must be willing to cooperate. We must surrender our lives to him first.

Allow God to Fix Your Life

If our car has a problem, we bring it to the mechanic. If we have a health concern, we consult a doctor. Whatever it is that we want to get fixed, we visit an expert who we know can help us address the problem.

It will be hard for a mechanic to even troubleshoot our engine problem if we keep on interjecting while he is doing his job. A doctor would not be able to cure you if you refuse the medicines he prescribes. In all things, there must be cooperation from us.

We consult a mechanic when there is a problem with our car. We call for the plumber when there is a problem with our water pipes. It follows then that if we have a problem in our life, we must consult God. He alone can fix it because He is the one who provided it and the one who can sustain it.

Affirm Yourself

Whenever we are challenged or situations in life scare us, we need to affirm that we are God’s children. And that He will never abandon us no matter what. Believe that the love of the Lord is greater than your doubts and fears. Have faith that the Lord is our constant supply and that He will fill every void that there is in our life.

Constantly seek inspiration that you would be able to conquer daily challenges and you will.

The Lord is always true to His promises. We shall receive from Him if we sincerely ask.

He will do wonders beyond our expectations. Let go and let God.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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