Be the Better Version of Yourself Every Day

After giving an exceptional talk in a computer company, a man received a gadget produced by that company as a token of appreciation. The man, who happens to have a friend that is an executive in a competing company, immediately came to see his friend and showed his new gadget.

He bragged that the gadget was way better than the equivalent of their company’s product. He was expecting that his executive friend would rush to see how it works and would offer him their company’s product to win him over. To his surprise, his friend merely said, “That’s fine.”

What lesson do we get here?

Focus on improving yourself

Whereas many people who are insecure about themselves rush to determine new developments about their competitors to regain their edge, people who are confident about themselves understand that it is not every time that people win. There are times when their competitors gain an edge. People who think big understand that, while the tides may disappear for a time, they would still be back.

Successful people are aware that there will be times when others will do better than they do. While they may experience downturns, they know that setbacks do happen and they turn those seemingly moments of defeat as stepping stones to success. What matters for them is the long term. They do not compete with others. Rather they compete against themselves.

We need to see the bigger picture. To focus on competition is to focus on our limitations. If we keep on looking at what others have that we don’t, our minds will be filled with a state of lack or, worse, envy. Instead of competing with other people, we need to compete against ourselves. When we wake up each morning, do we commit to making ourselves better?

The power of consistency

The journey to be the best version of ourselves may be distant but we can always start small. We can improve one habit or trait each day. Small steps prove vital in the long run. We can start compounding successes, no matter how small they may be each day so that success becomes a habit.

Many of those wanting to lose weight are ill-advised to go for a crash diet. Rather, we often hear that weight loss programs are better executed when they become a habit of eating healthy foods well and consistent exercise.

Experiencing several days of complacency after I recovered from COVID-19, I began to reorganize my business calendar. I realized that time is of the essence and half-heartedly doing things opens avenues for laziness. I must get back on track and get myself reminded of the many businesses that I need to attend to. Since time is of the essence, a calendar that shows my daily priorities will help me maximize my time on a daily basis.

If we want to be successful in life, we must be persistent. Eventually, our efforts will start compounding themselves until we reach our goals. We must be reminded daily of our priorities so that we do not lose focus on our dreams.

Let me share this lesson with you: when it is not yet God’s time, you cannot force it. But when it comes, one cannot stop it. So let us focus on sowing the seeds that will improve our lives on a daily basis. Harvest time will surely come so we must keep up the faith.

Develop the habit of being creative

We must keep on thinking of ways on how we can be productive. We must find ways to be creative.

Devoting time to our creativity removes our attention from things that hamper our own development. Not only does it prevent us from being envious of people, but it also gives us the chance to start appreciating ourselves, our gifts, and our talents.

A competitive mindset opens possibilities of cynicism towards others making a person rely solely on himself instead of finding like-minded people who can help him achieve his goals.

Choosing to be creative rather than competitive opens the avenue for collaboration with other people so that we can start harnessing one another’s skills. It provides mutual appreciation and a healthy exchange of ideas that improve all parties concerned.

Get yourself reminded of your dreams

A video or audio recording, whatever it is that will remind you of your dreams, use them on a daily basis. It may be a dream board or a simple goal card. What is important is that we use tools that will help us maintain focus. Otherwise, our dreams would simply fade away.

A consistent reminder of our dreams makes us feel that we are already there. We get excited. So let us watch or listen to materials that will excite us in achieving our goals. Dreaming about our life goals will help us achieve them.

Focus on your goals. Improve yourself by being creative. And be consistent about it.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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