Be Proactive: Start Your Online Business Now

Are you one of those who will again find themselves hardly hit by the implementation of stricter lockdowns?

COVID-19 has developed into several variants. The latest, the daunted Delta variant, has forced our country into another lockdown. With many who will be forced to stay at home for the next couple of weeks, that means no-work-no-pay for many. This also spells a halt on some business operations that until now struggle to operate online. We have had this before. A one-month lockdown began to extend for several months. With the imminent tightening of restrictions and movement of people, this means loss of opportunities for many people out there.

We can choose the easy part and that is to blame the government for all our woes. But that approach just does not solve anything. No matter how we point our fingers at other people, there is a huge possibility that the situation will not change as drastically as we would have wanted it to be.

The times call for people to start thinking of ways on how to cope up with the situation. It is either we start being proactive by finding more suitable income streams or find ourselves being pushed around by this pandemic. This is the best time to be more creative. This is the best time to find more ways of how to increase our financial containers. After all, how sure are we that our jobs are secure enough to help us through this pandemic?

These are so far the businesses I have launched this year. It is my hope that they may spur in you some ideas that will help you weather the current situation:


If you are a person who, like me, loves to write, then this might be for you. Start writing your ideas and sell them on the internet. I don’t literally mean selling. But you may start your own affiliate marketing business and use your blogs to promote your affiliate products.

One exciting thing about blogging is that it is better to be done at the comfort of your own website where you yourself set the rules. Also, the fact that you will need to bring your ideas to people will help you learn rudimentary skills such as search engine optimization and all those related to marketing your ideas online.

There are also several platforms that look for writers. While it is true that some look for experienced writers if writing is your passion, you still have the fighting chance.


It was this year that my long-time dream of becoming an author came true.

There are several topics that you can choose from ranging from fiction to non-fiction. Share your life experiences. People might gain a lesson or two from you if you start writing a book. There are also self-publishing platforms on the internet that will help you put your ebook at the least possible expense.

Also, since books are protected by copyright, you can rest assured that your descendants will still benefit from your work financially long after you are gone.


I am running my own online store. It is a print-on-demand business where I get to create designs for certain kinds of apparel, homewares, and accessories. There are several design platforms on the internet that one can avail to start creating his own designs. I prefer motivational quotes. One may choose depending on his liking.

When a customer likes a product, the company handles the printing and the shipping. After which, I receive my profit from every sale. All I need is to promote my website. On every sale, there is a corresponding profit that I receive.

Online franchise business

I am blessed enough to establish an online franchise business. It covers diverse businesses ranging from four vital businesses during a pandemic where everybody is pretty much required to stay home. These are in the areas of delivery, health & wellness, technology, and food.

With people required to stay home wary of the fact that the COVID-19 virus is still on the loose, many would prefer to have their crucial needs delivered instead of going to stores themselves. This lessens the harm and adds comfort knowing that they don’t have to spend so much time going out.

Health and wellness products are also critical as people want to have stronger immune systems. Nobody wants to get sick for failing to add protection.

Technology is also on a boom. My online franchise business allows people to simply buy products online.

Lastly, food is always a necessity with or without a pandemic. Whether one is physically active or not, he will still end up looking for food.

Decide now

Do not let the pandemic decide how you will live your life. Be the master of your own fate by deciding now the kind of financial resource that you want to add to your present job. Employment can only secure people to a certain extent. Besides, nobody can be so sure about the stability of the company he is affiliated with.

Therefore, we should start acting now and stop procrastinating. A delay in your decision is a delay in your opportunity.

Friend, do not let the pandemic push you around. Establish an online business NOW.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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