Be Creative Rather than Competitive

It is typical for any person to desire growth in whatever field he is into.

And in the situation that we are today when opportunities appear to be scarce with job losses after job losses due to the pandemic, stiffer competition in the job markets appears likely. Competition is everywhere. Businesses compete with other businesses just to get to the top. Everybody wants to be at the top.

But does being competitive really bring us growth? May I propose that it does not? And if ever it does, it can only do so to a certain extent.

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Complacency brought by being merely competitive

When our mindset is to compete, we tend to anchor our satisfaction on other people’s failure to grow on a plane that is within our reach. And if they do reach a level beyond what we can reach, then we feel disappointed with ourselves. Instead of counting our own blessings, we start counting other people’s blessings, lessening in effect the significance of our own blessedness.

When we prefer to be competitive, we either do ways, consciously or subconsciously, to block blessings and opportunities from coming to our perceived competitors. We spy on them and see how they do business in order for us to grab the growth opportunities that are supposed to come their way. Being blessed at the expense of robbing other people’s blessedness is not the right way to grow.

A competitive mindset is also an enemy of true growth. If a competitive person uses another person’s achievements as a barometer for his own satisfaction, and since by being competitive he merely tries to overtake his rival, he stunts his own growth once complacency comes into the picture. With him knowing that he has overtaken his competitor, he begins to settle down within a false sense of comfort. It is as if his only sense of being is to simply be on top or do whatever it takes to stay on top.

More than being competitive, we should choose to be creative.

The benefits of being creative

When we choose to be creative, we explore the limits of our imagination. We exert an effort to bring into reality things that can be perceived by our minds. Also, we dig deeper into ourselves thinking of ways how other people will grow through the gifts that we have.

When we are creative, we count our blessings, discover, and even develop skills that will further increase our giftedness instead of counting those that belong to others. With creativity, we try to do more to communicate to the world how blessed we are and how they too can be blessed through us.

Further, with creativity, there is little to no room for complacency. A person who has developed a habit of growth will always seek more ways to grow. Instead of focusing his energy on trying to block grace heading towards his competitors, he will seek ways to cooperate with them in the hope that they too may grow. Creativity breeds collaboration.

As we begin to be more creative, we start bringing solutions to other people. When we offer solutions, life mysteriously brings someone or something that will help us solve our very own problems. It gives us more freedom so that we can all the more help other people. And it all starts by choosing creativity over competitiveness.

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If we want to achieve success and bring our dreams into reality, focusing on creativity is the right attitude. Rediscover your skills. Learn new things. Let your creativity lead outside your life boundaries.

Develop your creativity! Explore the limits of your imagination and bring forth gifts that would help other people. Let your creativity be a gift that the world would benefit from!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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