Be Blessed and Be a Blessing: How to Publish

Finally, my dream of being a book author has arrived. After months of waiting to have my book published, I was able to self-publish my ebook. If you are interested in publishing your own ebook, here are a few tips on how I did mine:

Content is King

Give paramount importance to the content of your ebook. Think of your niche. What are your life interests that you would like people to know? Do you like to educate or motivate people? Or do you have a broad imagination such that you can write fictional stories?

Make a brief outline of your content. This outline can serve as the chapters of your book. Expound each of the outlines until you have found satisfaction with the content written on each of the outlines. If you think there is a vast amount of ideas coming to your mind, just keep writing. You can adjust the paragraphs and sections of your writing and later on put them in the appropriate chapters as you see them fit.

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If you have blogs or previously written articles, go and try to check whether you can repurpose their content if you think they align with the concepts of your book. You will always find yourself having a different artistic expression of the concepts you have written about before. That’s how great the human mind is.

Whatever your content may be, imagine yourself as the reader. If you read again what you wrote about a few weeks later and find yourself bored or dissatisfied, revise that portion, be it a section or an entire chapter. Remember, your book is intended to be your gift to humanity. But if you find yourself smiling or having that sense of satisfaction, you are most likely on the right path.


There are few other items in your book that also need special attention. Just like food, no matter how tasty your recipe may be, it should still be presentable.

Do not forget to let someone check your work. Allow somebody to make comments and edit if necessary for grammatical errors. It also helps that you receive feedback whether a particular section seems to be vague so that you can either expound or paraphrase that section which can make it more palatable to the readers.

The layout of your book is important as it will aid the readers in understanding the concepts you have written with relative ease. Pictures can help illustrate your thoughts. There are applications that you can use such as Designrr if you are just starting as an author. But if you want to seek other people’s help in designing your layout, you may also solicit the help of artists that provide help in book designs – from the cover to the layout of the inside pages.

Protect your work

Once you are done with your content and your manuscript is ready, the next important thing to do is to make sure that your work is protected.

Obtain copyright for your book. This will help ensure that nobody else will have the right to reproduce, alter or transmit your work electronically without your expressed written consent. Copyright is not an absolute guarantee but it can still be a deterrent against those who want to tamper with your masterpiece.

There are various articles that say, once published, your book automatically obtains copyright. You can try and check out to get more information about this but I would advise that you stay on the conservative side. Have your book registered on a copyright office of your choice. My book is registered at the US Copyright Office. The United States allows foreigners to register their work in that office. It has copyright treaties around the world. You can be sure that your work is also protected in areas where the US has copyright treaties with, even perhaps your own home country.

By registering your work, you already stand on the solid ground should copyright issues arise. At the end of the day, it is all about whose work came first. If your work is registered, all you have to do is to look back at your copyright certificate instead of looking back at your archives as to when you published your work.

Bear in mind what the Scripture says, “…be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10: 16)

Publish your work

Once you have already secured the copyright, you are now ready to publish your work. You may start looking for publishers who will bring your ebook to the market. Actually, you can do this while waiting for the certificate of copyright. In my experience, it took about one and a half months of processing before my work was finally registered.

Decide whether you want to keep it as an ebook or you also want to publish it on paper. There may be some additional requirements such as securing an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for printed books. As a start-up author, you may opt to keep your material as an ebook so that you can already get it up and running on the market. It will all depend upon your choice.

You may choose whether you want to seek the help of publishers or self-publish your book. There are self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP. If you want to save on money since you are starting up, you may create an account in Amazon KDP as an author. The good thing about the internet age is that it helps start-ups publish their work with lesser expense and less time.

Keep on learning

Keep listening to audiobooks. Read books and materials that will expand your wisdom and knowledge. Learn from successful authors how they presented their works. From there you will gain an idea of how to sharpen your skills. You are not going to publish just one book in your entire lifetime, right?

If you plan to establish a career in writing a book, it will be best to keep on learning. I am now writing my second book. I frequently listen to motivational speeches that remind me to push on despite the challenges and doubts.

Surround yourself with individuals who succeeded in their crafts. It may not be in a similar field but at least you will get a grasp on how they were able to climb up the success ladder.

One cannot give what he himself does not have. So induce into your mind the things that will make you grow as an author and a person in general.

Be sincere

Sincerity is a tremendous attribute in every career path. Give of yourself freely. Know that we write not just for the purpose of writing. We write to inspire people. We write to entertain people. Whatever it is, the end goal should be to uplift the life of the reader.

More than the monetary value of the book that we publish, let us make sure that the readers get more than what they paid for. This is your book. This is your gift. You yourself are a gift.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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