Be a Channel of God’s Grace

If today, even in the midst of a pandemic, you still have a job or source of living, spend.

You spend not because you are extravagant or have so much money to spare. But spend out of generosity. Spend because many have lost their jobs and you are one of those blessed enough to bear the burden of being busy with work.

Many have lost their jobs and many entrepreneurs struggle to keep their businesses survive. Many of us have turned to online selling. Many have also started doing business online. That is fine.

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From time to time, I buy products from friends and relatives. Not because I am rich. Certainly, I cannot cater to all, and neither can I turn people’s lives which have been affected by the crisis overnight 180-degrees. But I believe that each one of us has a role to play during this pandemic. God did not put us into where we are without a purpose.

If we find it hard to dole out money to people in need without having anything in return, buy products or services that they sell bearing in mind that, by doing so, you contribute to the fact that they earn out of hard work. Earning out of the “sweat of your face” (Genesis 3:19) is an essential part of human dignity. And if it is only our human dignity that is left, after COVID-19 has stripped naked our generation of things that are not essential, then so be it.

This pandemic has all the more revealed our woundedness. However, our woundedness does not necessarily deprive us the ability to share our gifts, more so the ability to heal our wounded neighbor. Let us bear in mind that we are all wounded healers. And by helping each other, we make survival a possibility.

Let our spending be an expression of our thanksgiving. We all need to survive. And by God’s grace, we will survive. Let it be that we become a channel of God’s grace.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

God bless us all.

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