Are You in Your Midlife and Fed Up?

So there came this morning that you woke up realizing that time has run so fast – and you are about to enter your midlife. You are aging.

Or maybe there you are in your 8 AM-5 PM job, retiring for the day. And then you come to sit on one corner and get to think that tomorrow is going to be another thankless day in the job. You try to check on your bank account and it’s even way below the maintaining balance! Payday is still miles away. Now you begin to ask yourself, “where did all my money go after working all these years?”. You check on the news and hear that the pandemic is far from over.

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And now you are stuck or seem to be stuck. Time seems to be running out. Competition at work has become tougher and tougher. You don’t feel appreciated but stay in your job because you think you have nowhere else to go.

Midlife crisis is real.

You want to have that reset, hoping that you can be in your 20s to start all over again, but accept the truth that that just isn’t possible. You want to get out of the kind of life you have. The problem? You just don’t know how to. Or maybe you know how but you just don’t know where to start?

You have that vision of who you want to be but the fact that you have come of age disturbs you from making your vision a reality thinking that you have already missed the boat. You have developed a fixated idea that innovating one’s life is only for the young. That is so common.

Or maybe you are afraid of failure? Your fear of failure is real. It’s not that you are afraid of failure. You are afraid of the consequences of failure. Worse, you are scared of being laughed at when you commit failure.

One common thing between an addict and a middle-aged person who begins to lose enthusiasm with his 8 AM to 5 PM job is the mentality that they are stuck. The addict thinks that without the object to which he is addicted, life will crumble. And so he craves for it even though there is something in him that knows it destroys him. The middle-aged person who has lost passion for his job keeps on engaging on a daily dose of rat race thinking that if he tries to get out, there is nowhere for him to go as there are younger and more competitive folks out there in the job market. In both cases, there is a way out. But both of them should commit to the decision of finding a way out!

Are you an addict to a job that you have lost passion about? Or do you want to find a way out? You can. But be firm in investing in that decision.

I have been working as a quantity surveyor for 14 years. Have I started to lose passion for my job? I would say that it is a roller coaster ride. But when I get to realize that the time – and I mean long hours – I have been spending working for somebody else could have been spent better working for myself and ultimately my family through a business of my own with which I am truly passionate about, the desire to establish my business becomes greater than my enthusiasm for my job.

At this point, I am still employed. But at the same time, I have also made a firm decision to go for the kind of life that I want with the kind of business that I want. But first I have to invest in myself. I have to invest in my knowledge and improve my digital skills.

And investing in my own knowledge and improving my digital skills is exactly what I am doing now. Competition gets tougher, yes. But as the famous saying goes: when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

I have undergone continuous pieces of training that have improved my digital skill sets. I am blessed enough to find a community that not only provides training but also access to software that can help you apply step-by-step the things you have learned in your training. Not only that, but the community also provides webinars to encourage its members, especially budding ones, to keep their focus on the new life journey that they have chosen. It is an awesome support group!

All the more that the fire burning in my heart grows bigger when I realize that the opportunity out there learning and earning from the internet is far greater than I have imagined! SEO, autoresponders, etc., those terms were alien to a non-tech-savvy person like me just a month ago!

You too can start something new by improving your digital literacy skills!

I have started my journey. And I have started committing myself to this journey, my digital journey.

How long will the journey be to reach my destination to the kind of life that I want where I can learn and earn at the same time at the time and place of my convenience? I don’t know. I am not yet there. But what matters is that I have already taken steps to get there!

Am I scared of failure? You can bet that I am. I do have a fear of failure. Really. But courage is not the absence of fear; rather it is the willingness to act despite the presence of fear.

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Friend, are you fed up? I encourage you: start your journey. Nobody is too old to start something new. Again I will say, midlife crisis is real. But you can start averting the sadness of the midlife crisis by deciding now!

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Be blessed and be a blessing.

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