A Productive Hiatus

It has been about four days now since I have made a post here on my website.

During those four days, I was writing an e-book about the life lessons that I have continually been learning in the course of my digital journey. I am now midway through my book and I look forward to finishing the manuscript either this weekend or early next week. At the suggestion of a friend for me to write a book that looks to inspire people, I immediately took the challenge to achieve one of my life-long dreams – to write a book.

At the end of the day, whatever we are doing, the question that we should ask ourselves is whether we grew as a person.

It seemed like an “aha” moment not in the sense that I never had any idea before but somehow the suggestion reminded me of that thing I have been wanting to do in the past. More importantly, I realized that the fact that somebody made that suggestion, then there must be a need that I needed to act upon.

How many people will read my e-book? I have no idea. Every new song finds its way to a listening heart, a person that can relate to the lyrics, melody, and lines of the song. And so I believe that, similarly, every well-meaning book will always find a way to capture the eyes and hearts of readers.

So for the last few days, I haven’t done anything on my website. But one thing that I have noticed is that productivity breeds productivity.

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When we start getting out of our comfort zones, we begin a process of exploring possibilities. We start extracting our creative juices. We begin to remember those dreams we had in the past and examine whether they are still aligned with our present objectives and aspirations. And when they do, we allocate a portion of our time and energy to achieve them!

It is important to note that with the barrage of possibilities that come to our minds, we should also muster the discipline to pace ourselves and avoid spreading ourselves thin. We cannot start multiple projects all at the same time. But at the very least, we know that this time around, since we have decided to explore the limits of our ability to reach our dreams, we will push through with those projects no matter how the challenges may be. It will always be a question of how to convert our dreams into reality, no ifs, no buts.

And so the past few days remained productive for me. It was a productive hiatus from updating my website. Writing an e-book also made me start to learn things that I never knew about from looking for illustrators to being able to find a good publisher, things that come along with publishing a book.

At the end of the day, whatever we are doing, the question that we should ask ourselves is whether we grew as a person.

Starting the process to leave our comfort zones proves to be really worthwhile. We start conquering our fears. And with every fear that we conquer, it sets our potentials into motion.

But all these originate with our decision to start moving.

We must seize the opportunity to learn. We must open ourselves to change. We must start achieving our dreams. No one will do that for us.

Let us not wait for change to happen. We must make it happen.

Start your own business. Or do anything that arouses your interests. And then bring your gift out into the world. There will always be that somebody who needs that kind of gift that you have.

Learn new skills and hone your talents.

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We have a greater world out there! It is waiting for us to grow and offer more of what we have!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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