A Joyful Journey Towards Resignation

Resignation is defined into two things: 1) having an accepting and unresisting attitude, and; 2) the act of giving up one’s position, most likely a job or an office.


Having an unresisting attitude can either be good or bad depending on one’s perspective of life.

If you are someone who has an unresisting attitude towards the fleeting nature of life, then that is fine. It is a sign of maturity. We are mere mortals, after all. A man who is born on this earth should resign to the fact that his stay on earth is limited, time-bound. Even possessing an amazing organic vigor is not a guarantee to the longevity of one’s life.

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But if your unresisting attitude is towards a kind of life wherein you are imprisoned by your state of mind, that spells trouble.

Since our earthly pilgrimage is only borrowed time, having that unresisting attitude towards a kind of life that you don’t want can prove to be detrimental and unhealthy. If you are resigned to the idea that there is nothing more that you can do to improve your life situation, how painful can that kind of life be?

Are you somebody who’s bored with his kind of work, not to mention the fact that your work’s low payscale adds to the boredom? When was the last time you had to drag yourself to the office? Are you always in a state of financial distress but had to keep on reporting to a work you are losing enthusiasm for since you don’t know how to escape that troubled kind of life?

Are you happy getting accustomed to a life where you find it hard to provide for your loved ones?

You do not have to sign your own death sentence. You don’t have to be a dead-man-walking!


Resignation as an act of giving up one’s position or office can have two reasons – either you just want to quit your job because you are sick of it all or you have found a better opportunity.

Let me be brutally honest: if you are “resigned” to the kind of life that you have – a life that lacks enthusiasm, a life where you force yourself to show up at work, the mere idea of resignation from work does not seem to be a viable option! Why? It is because you have already conditioned your mind that you are stuck in your life situation as if there is no way out.

Do you want to stay doomed?


There are two things in life that are certain: death and change.

There is hardly anything we can do about death. Scientists can only seek ways to bring cures to peoples’ sicknesses and attempt to prolong lives. But sooner or later, death will knock on our doorsteps.

Change is also bound to happen to everyone. Do not be resigned to an unhappy life! Let me tell you this: change is possible. I have a crazy suggestion: start a joyful journey towards resignation!

What do I mean to say?

First, getting out of the kind of life that makes you unhappy is very much possible. Decide to get out of it! Start embarking on a journey where a life of freedom is your destination!

If you are a disgruntled employee, that journey can start by shifting your focus from the life that you have towards the life that you want to have! Start thinking of what life interests you have that can bring solutions to other people! Start learning new things! You may not necessarily have to quit your job right away. But at least you have already made a start. By helping others solve their problems, you open the possibility of making your life interests profitable. Imagine building a business that revolves around the things that you love to do! And once your business begins to make traction, you will already have that lever that you can pull once you are fully decided to quit your current job.

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With your consistency and dedication, the day will come when you can focus on your business full time. For the time being until the day comes when you’re finally ready to tender your resignation, your journey will be a joyful one. It will never be easy. But rather than being stuck in an unfulfilled life, make a new beginning.

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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