A Call to Working Moms: Start a Business

These days, if you are a working mother, surely you are having a hard time finding a balance between work and how to manage your children, especially now that most people are working from home.

How many times have you pressed that mute button during an important office call and yelled at the top of your lungs desperately trying to pacify your quarreling children?

How many times have you felt unaccomplished by failing to make that right balance between work and family? It is either you have focused so much on household chores that you missed an important email at work. And realized that you will be responding to that email after a month. Or you have been sitting all day long in front of your laptop and failed to cook for your family’s dinner.

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The pressure at work makes you lose your enthusiasm. Your phone keeps on ringing with your boss making a follow-up on some work items. Your work Viber group is loaded with messages and you just want to try not to respond if only you can, what with all the stress those messages bring.

I can bet that you have tried to find a way out. You have submitted resumes here and there, only to be rejected repeatedly just when you thought you were at the last leg of the application process.   

The Stress

In 2019, according to researchers from Manchester University and the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University, working mothers are stressed by more than 18% than other people. Given the pandemic, there is a possibility that such a figure may have increased. In the absence of face-to-face classes for children, working mothers now have to cope up with homeschooling children.  

More importantly, build that business around your interests in life so that you can do business with relative ease.

Lack of structure, too many distractions, social isolation, lack of focus, and the difficulty of setting boundaries contribute to the stress of working at home. And as a mother, I am sure you have first-hand experience of those things.

You need some time out. You need to find a way out.

Some ways to reduce the stress of working at home involves setting boundaries and work rules. But work-from-home setups still require most people to report for work, say 8 AM – 5 PM. There are companies that require employees to be online within a specific time frame to answer client calls. Setting boundaries may prove to be another difficult task. Working from home does not necessarily mean having the flexibility of time to work at your time of convenience.

Call to Action

If you want to be able to set boundaries and set your own rules while having the ability to continue earning, have a source of income where you are the one who sets the rules.

Use a platform that will work for you even during a pandemic. Take advantage of the internet. Start your online business. More importantly, build that business around your interests in life so that you can do business with relative ease. A digital business can be recession-proof. Not only that but it also opens avenues for new learning. With that, you would have the ability to manage your time more effectively. It helps remove the anxiety that a boss will call you up even during the wee hours.

There is no promise of an easy start. But you would rather have something to start with than nothing at all. If you start today, with consistency and dedication, you will have been way ahead of those who are planning to start next month, or next year. Search the internet. You will find out that you can start small businesses at hardly any cost. As an example, there are print-on-demand businesses that only require one to create designs and upload their designs on a particular site. The website itself will take care of the production, printing of the designs on the products, and the shipment itself.

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How long do you plan to be in a kind of life that you want to get away from?  The point is this: you need to decide. Start your way to experiencing freedom by taking charge. You cannot control the outside world. But you have in you the ability to change the outcomes: your ability to make a decision.

Start your journey to success.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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